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CloudBounce Review: The Best Music Mastering App Out There?

cloudbounce review

Are you tired of spending hours trying to perfect your music to meet industry standards?

CloudBounce has solved this problem for many record labels and artists at the fraction of the usual cost of a mastering engineer. You may be a great singer or manager but it takes a special tool to know how to actually master your audio.

Many people have trouble creating hit songs because they lack the software that enables them to make clean music that actually sounds professional. If you want to learn more about if CloudBounce is a great choice for you, keep reading on.

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The Extensive History of CloudBounce and its Mission for the Future

cloudbounce pricing

Cloudbounce was created by a group of musicians who understand the struggles of making crisp, clean music. Among the team, there are also engineers and audio researchers who work diligently to make sure their services are as affordable as possible.

The major service offered at CloudBounce is professional sound mastering which is performed by a sound engineer. This service is offered at a reasonable price that is highly affordable.

Employees at CloudBounce have musical backgrounds and value sound perfection. That means that they aren’t going to think they solved your problem by just listening to your track once. It is quite surprising that CloudBounce actually spends time with your audio files to make sure your music is well received by your audience.

You may have thought about doing this by yourself, but it makes more sense if you leave it to the professionals to spend thousands on audio equipment.

There are 10 years of experience behind CloudBounce so you can imagine the amount of audio research they’ve completed. Artificial intelligence has become a part of how the company functions to keep up with modern audio technology. Your favorite artists probably have the money to spend on high-tech equipment, but you may want to go with Cloudbounce if you want to have the same clear sound they achieve.

Usually, when artists and record labels create crisp music, they are connected with a specific person who has adequate training. CloudBounce gives you pretty much the same kind of service but at a very affordable price. If you are a sound designer, musician, or record label, this may be an interesting tool to at least look into.

Next-Level Features & Benefits Made by Musicians

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The services at CloudBounce are used by bands, labels, and artists in 80 countries. If you want to start experimenting with what this company has to offer, you have to first send in an audio file of your music. Your file is then analyzed with their mastering engine.

The audio is then processed with a multitude of processing tools to achieve a sound that is crisp. You can see it for yourself once you send in your first audio with Cloudbounce. You never know if it is the right fit for you unless you first give it a shot.

The technology used by CloudBounce enforces the following:

  • machine listening
  • classification
  • compressor
  • EQ
  • limiter
  • stereo imaging

Cloudbounce claims that you will be able to hear the difference in your audio in a matter of minutes. You will have to buy the final master afterwards or do some tweaking, however. It all depends on your style of music, but it is up to CloudBounce to give your audio at least a professional sound.

Once you allow Cloudbounce to master your audio, you are able to upload your music to streaming platforms like iTunes, Spotify, radio, etc.

How CloudBounce is Able to Serve its Customers

Cloudbounce works by taking the audio you upload to it and using tools such as EQ and compressor to refine it. It accepts a variety of audio such as speeches and live concerts. Audio can always be improved and the sound engineers at Cloudbounce do everything they can to hone in on the sound.

As soon as you go on the website, you see that you can have your music mastered immediately as well as after the creative process. You can upload right there on the website and have your audio refined one time or regularly. The mastering engine analyzes the audio and applies processing “ingredients” that fit well with your sound.

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Along with that, CloudBounce offers cloud backup storage for all subscription customers. This allows customers to store their progress as they work on their projects. They can also work with a team collaboratively and store the final product in a secure place.

You can process tracks individually even if they are a part of an album.

Something that is interesting is that if you do not have a subscription with CloudBounce, you only have 7 days to download your mastered files. You will have to download them to your own personal storage such as Dropbox or your computer’s disk. You can’t edit tracks in batches, however, because the current mastering engine does not support that.

CloudBounce plans to add a feature where you can edit multiple tracks at once. As the engine develops, new improvements will be added. It just takes time for engineers to develop improvements to enhance the customer experience.

This is something that is soon to happen in the near future as the next generation engine comes to a realization.

What Makes CloudBounce Stand Out From its Competitiors?

Unlike some platforms, CloudBounce does not come with any hidden fees or excessive charges. All you have to do is pay a monthly or yearly subscription and you have access to unlimited services. You will have access to endless editing rounds to reach the perfect sound.

That may be something you want to take advantage of if you are interested.

Something that stands out about CloudBounce is that you are able to choose one genre setting and any combination of mastering options for just one processing round. It is pretty flexible and refines your audio specifically for your type of genre. You don’t even have to worry about the re-edits contradicting one another.

They are simply just added to the clean source and are not piled onto one another.

Something quite impressive about CloudBounce is that it allows you to choose quieter or louder as binary options. You are able to send helpful feedback to the developers of the application. This could possibly help with the user experience.

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Turnaround is quite quick and that is because it isn’t a 100% human mastering engine. Instead of it relying solely on an engineer, it is an engine that does a majority of the work.

The treatment that this application does on your tracks is subtle, yet somewhat effective. It lowers the volume of your background even if your sound was homemade. The tone is usually quite the same as the original so it doesn’t overpower your audio.

It achieves maximum loudness that may or may not be helpful to you. It simply depends if you are looking for some edge to your mediocre audio.

One-Time Price and Subscriptions Offered by CloudBounce

Once you look into setting up a subscription with CloudBounce, you will find that the prices are just as affordable as they are said to be. The prices start at $9.90 and end at $199 a year. The price of $9.90 is offered at a pay-as-you-go rate where you just pay that one price for one track.

This is pretty convenient for artists who don’t create music that frequently. You may just be working on one project and need some sound mastering.

The other prices include a $19 monthly subscription where you can get unlimited sound mastering and cloud backup among other features. If you are interested, CloudBounce offers track statistics to help you analyze your sounds. Some people like paying monthly subscriptions, but if that isn’t you then you can always get that out of the way and pay for the entire year all at once.

One thing to consider is that the pay-as-you-go price does not come with cloud backup. The other plans do, however. You may want to take advantage of the cloud backup if you are someone who likes to stay organized.

If you don’t make consistent music, then this would not really make sense to use.

Overall, the prices do not seem too problematic. Many yearly subscriptions cost about $200 and it seems like CloudBounce is just meeting the market standard price of a yearly subscription. You are getting help from skilled musicians so this kind of seems like of steal if you are someone serious about perfecting your sounds.

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  • Customers have found are that the application is similar to having a “personal mastering engineer always readily available.”
  • One customer felt that the application had a fast turnaround time and was very convenient to use.
  • Customers find that Cloudbounce has a super-fast process that they could keep going back to when needed.
  • Frequent customers say that CloudBounce is a helpful platform for record labels and music producers.
  • Musicians say that this application helped them achieve professional sounds and highly recommend that similar people check the application out.
  • Subscriptions are affordable and the application is able to effectively enhance customers’ audio.
  • The services are user-friendly and help artists prepare their audio for the various listening platforms out there.
  • CloudBounce is a great application for making audio for gaming companies and musicians alike.
  • The services are found to be great for new producers at a great price.
  • Helps talented artists bring out the sound of their audio.
  • Encourages artists to see their full potential by bringing out the audio’s sound.


  • The feedback that you give the application goes straight to the developers.
  • It can be frustrating sending your feedback knowing that your issues may not be addressed right away.
  • The application has been found to make your audio become quieter than expected.
  • There have been some issues of frequency balance found that can be problematic.
  • There seems to be a lack of mid-range with this application.
  • Automatic mastering usually brings loudness up in the loudest parts of audio rather than maintaining a mid-range.
  • CloudBounce uses an automatic mastering engine that may have some machine errors.
  • It is arguable whether or not engines are better than engineers because humans can often fix any random errors.
  • Automatic mastering promotes the overall problem of putting humans out of work due to automation.
  • The processing is done very minimally or not at all because this service is quite conservative for the purpose of fine-tuning later.

Frequently Asked Questions

cloudbounce mastering options

Why is the mastering process taking too long?

If it is taking longer than usual to master your audio, you have to make sure that your audio file is set up correctly. Try to go back and check the following:

  1. Is your file format correct? (.wav / .aiff or .mp3)
  2. Does your file contain audio data?
  3. Is your file too big to process? (shouldn’t be longer than 1 hour)
  4. Do you have a good internet connection?

What can I do to prepare my audio to be mastered?

Before you can master your audio, you have to get rid of any unnecessary audio enhancements such as EQ and limiting that was applied to your digital audio workstation’s stereo master bus. Those are considered pre-mixed effects that will certainly reduce the quality of your song.

You will also want to leave -6 to 10 dB’s of headroom on your audio track prior to mastering it. You never want your audio signal to be redlining at 0 dB in your digital audio workstation.

Make sure that you lower hour output down to -1 to -3dB so that you are set to import the track. Lastly, make sure to adjust your bounce settings using the highest available bit depth and sample rate. The highest bit depth may be 16bit or 24bit while the sample rate may be a minimum of 44.1 kHz.

How does CloudBounce alter the contents of my track?

To better suit your track for multiple platforms, Cloudbounce makes sure to provide you with multiple mastering settings. This helps keep you in control of how you want your audio to sound. The engine alters your track in a way that aligns with your goals.

CloudBounce takes pride in making very slick edits to your sound to bring out the best in your sound.

The process is very particular and involves an engine that analyzes your audio using intelligent audio signaling. With that, the engine helps you achieve more structure within your audio so that you can experience harmony. There is a lot of detail that goes into building upon the audio that you have created to ensure that it isn’t overmanipulated.

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Will CloudBounce Become a Tool That You Use?

Overall, CloudBounce has some interesting features that may or may not help your audio. You have to first try it out and see what the mastering service can do for you.

Through modern audio technology, this service is able to give your audio a professional sound. The services are flexible and also affordable.

If you are someone who needs to get one audio project done, getting a subscription would probably not make sense. You have the option to pay once and get your audio mastered in real-time.

If you are a band or someone else who produces music frequently, you may want to look into getting a subscription with Cloudbounce. It may save you a lot of time while you learn how to develop a sound that is well received.

As stated previously, CloudBounce may be a stand-out product for those who want to experience automated sound mastering. It may take time before you are able to use the application for the first time, however.

You will have to set up your bounce settings and make sure that the audio is in the right format to be mastered. Visit the CloudBounce website to learn more about how to set up your audio settings.

Once you are ready to use CloudBounce, all you have to do is visit and upload your first audio. It is highly recommended that you try experimenting with the different sound genres available because the application refines a variety of audio types.

Regardless of what audio you need to refine, this application may be able to improve the quality in some way. Visit the Cloudbounce website today to upload that first track and find out how you can achieve that crisp sound that you hear on the radio.

Check the Price of CloudBounce


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