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How to Contact Tunecore’s Customer Service? (Phone, Email, Chat)


Tunecore artists see over a 20% increase in profits earned yearly.

With 100% of the revenue going back to artists, it’s no wonder why the site is one of the biggest independent digital music distribution companies.

However, while their platform has existed since 2005, you may still encounter issues where you’ll need to contact support.

As an artist, you have to keep on your game, meaning the platform you use needs reliable support. No matter your problem, Tunecore provides support seven days a week.

If you’ve run into problems, we’ll walk you through how to contact Tunecore’s customer service.

Tunecore Support & Customer Service Availability


Support is available seven days a week if you have an issue. However, Tunecore encourages you to submit a ticket before contacting support.

If your problem is urgent, you can get support via phone or email. Below, we’ll provide a brief breakdown of the support process.

The Tunecore Artist Support Specialists

Tunecore support specialists are hired to help keep the helplines open to help address issues quickly.

You can contact support via email or phone, which operates seven days a week. The phone lines are limited to service hours, which is the only downside.

What Time & Day is Tunecore Support Open?

Tunecore support is open Monday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm eastern time. Their support is available Saturday and Sunday from 12 am until 7 pm for weekend hours.

Unlike other support teams, Tunecore is open seven days a week. Although their business hours will be affected by the holidays.

Contact Information For Tunecore Support

You can contact Tunecore support via multiple methods. However, their quickest replies will be through email, chat, or phone.

If your issue isn’t urgent, you can use the following methods to contact the company.

Phone Support Number

how contact tunecore

Tunecore’s official number is 1-646-651-1060 and is open during its operating hours. The only time you won’t be able to contact the phone number is during holiday hours.

Calling in is the only way to ensure that you contact someone as soon as possible.

Their phone support may have a wait time, which can be irritating if you’re looking for an urgent solution.

However, this will be the fastest way to get an answer. On average, support by phone takes anywhere from 21 to 24 minutes.


Their email for customer support isn’t generally listed on their website. The email is

The general wait time for a reply is one to two business days. Since the company operates seven days a week, you will only need to wait two days.

Mailing Address

The company provides a way to contact support via written mail. We suggest only using this as a last resort.

The mailing address for the business is as follows:

TuneCore, Inc.

63 Pearl Street

Box #256

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Online Chat

tunecore not responding

You can use their website and communicate with their built-in bot for general bugs or issues. The bot will list questions and solutions that can commonly occur.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to reach a human through their online chat. It’s only a simple bot that can redirect you to available solutions.


Another way you can get TuneCore’s attention is by Tweeting to them. Their Twitter account is, and you can @ them @TuneCore.

Their Twitter account may not pick up your issue, as they get Tweeted frequently.

However, if you haven’t had any success in other ways or want to see if other artists have your problems, this could be an excellent method to gain some traction on the issue.


Another way to contact the company via social media is through Facebook.

Their Facebook account is, and they have support monitoring messages. Typically, it takes at least one day to hear back from them.

What Information Should I Provide?

tunecore corporate office

When contacting support, always make sure you have information at hand so that they can quickly fix the problem.

Below, we’ve listed the information you should gather before contacting support. This information makes the process go quicker, which means a faster resolution to the problem.

  • Always contact TuneCore with the email that is linked to your Tunecore account.
  • Including information such as UPCs, ISRCs, the artist name, release names, etc. The more information you provide, the better the chance support will be able to solve your issue.
  • Describe the issue to the best of your abilities and list your desired outcome.

How to Report a Bug

For separate issues regarding bugs, you will need to provide different information.

To diagnose a bug, TuneCore will need your browser type. If you don’t know what browser you’re using, then you can click here to see your specs.

Next, provide the following information:

  1. Detail how you came about this issue
  2. Start from the beginning and walk support through what you clicked on step by step.
  3. Describe what you saw on your screen and what looked “off.”
  4. See if you can replicate the bug again and explain to support how they can replicate it.
  5. Take a screenshot if you can of the bug or error.

Reporting a bug not only prevents you from running into it again but also helps the community. TuneCore highly encourages artists to report any known bugs through their support ticket system.

Tunecore Support FAQs

Does Tunecore Refund Money?

tunecore complaint

You will need to contact the Artist Support Team to request a refund if you want your monthly subscription back.

They will help you to the best of their abilities. We’ve found that they will issue a refund in most cases if you aren’t satisfied with their service.

How Do You Cancel TuneCore?

The cancellation of your Tunecore account will require that you fill out a cancellation form. When canceling, remember to follow these steps:

  1. Provide the email you used to create a TuneCore account.
  2. TuneCore Support will send an email to your provided email with instructions on managing your subscriptions.
  3. After that, cancel or renew any of the active releases or choose to take them down permanently.

You must submit a cancellation request before your account renewal date. Otherwise, you will be responsible for paying any subscription fees.

This means submitting a request on the date of renewal or a later time will cancel the next subscription payment, not the current one.

Is TuneCore Open on Weekends?

TuneCore is open seven days a week but is limited to business hours.

TuneCore support staff will be available Monday through Friday from 10 am until 6 pm. Saturday and Sunday, support staff work from 12 pm until 7 pm.

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