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Ditto Music Review: Legit Music Distribution Tool?

ditto music review

Music distribution has become very easy thanks to the internet, now more than ever, becoming an independent recording artist is a walk in the park. Everybody can eat their cake and still have it! Even with that, the competition in the music industry guarantees nobody success.

How many connections do you have to get your music on the most prestigious platforms out there?

Even though you can do it all, a helping hand would mean you achieve a lot more. Online music distribution platforms are what we are talking about. Ditto Music is one such platform that can ensure you get to top the music charts.

Ditto music helps upcoming talented and independent artists to sell their brand, build their careers, and still make a living out of it.

We have done thorough research to ensure we provide a comprehensive ditto music review. We have been keen to answer all your questions in this review. Let’s get started!

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What is Ditto music?

ditto music distribution

Ditto Music is an independent music distribution company. Founded in 2006, Ditto Music has, over the years, seen the success of many independent singers, songwriters, DJ’s, solo artists, and bands.

The distribution platform partners with a wide range of online music platforms to distribute music to. Such platforms include iTunes, google music, amazon, Spotify, Shazam, Vevo, and apple music.

Ditto music company distributes music to over 200 digital music stores. Whether you want to sell an EP, album, single music track, or art, ditto music has got you! The prices are affordable, with a list of pricing plans to cover every artist.

Ditto music is available in several countries. You can release your content to the UK, Ireland, Asia, Sweden, the USA, and Canada. The distribution platform has offices in over 22 countries.

The distribution platform allows its users to distribute unlimited content to digital online platforms.

Key features

i. Pricing and release options

ditto music pricing

Ditto music allows the artist or user to set their preferred prices for their content. You can set the exact price on iTunes but not on other platforms. Terms and conditions of use in some platforms allow them to set the price at which the music will be listed.

The standard or full pricing is the default since it’s the most used. Uploading an album is a bit different since you can set the price band.

During the uploading process, ditto music requires you to choose the digital platform your music will be distributed to. You can select all the stores, download only stores, streaming-only stores, and the custom selection stores.

The download only limits the release of your content to select stores where fans purchase your music. The streaming-only stores allow your fans to listen to your music on the platform.

Your tracks are not made available for downloads. The customize selection will enable you to select the specific stores to release your content to.

You also determine the geographical locations where your music will be released to. You can choose to make it available worldwide or to a specific target audience. For a small additional fee, you can get the prices speeded up for the music to reach the stores even faster. For $40, your tracks can go live on iTunes in 3 hours instead of waiting for three days.

The release dates are also subject to decision by the user. As part of the upload process, the artists are prompted to decide the release dates. You will also need to provide information as to whether that is the first time he tracks or album is being released.

In case you want to give a teaser to your fans, you can pay for the pre-release features, which enables your music to be released to 20 digital stores. The feature goes for $40.

The pre-release date is set at least seven days from the day of upload. It allows you to carry out a successful promotional campaign.

ii. Creating video releases

Ditto music does not only allow you to release your tracks to digital music platforms. You can also go a step further with the video. This feature enables the user to set up a Vevo YouTube channel where you can create videos and monetize them.

The first step would be to set up a Vevo channel set up. To get help setting this up, you will need to pay around $99. Uploads are also charged at a small fee of $29.

The royalties from your Vevo YouTube channel are also subjected to a 15% cut by the platform. The artists take home 85% of all earnings from this platform. The feature is costly, but worth it eventually.

iii. Analytics and reporting

Ditto music provides the user with an analytical reporting of all the sales and earnings from the different digital music platforms. The data is provided daily to enable the user to keep track of their progress. The information is also really good to work with and easy to understand.

iv. Promotional services

ditto music royalties

Ditto music delights in seeing their customers make money from their music and content. Social media is one of the promotional services offered. Although you may have social media followers, it may not be enough for a promotional campaign.

The social media promotion service by ditto music allows you to reach a bigger audience and engage your fans to find out their views.

The promotional service feature also provides brainstorming features and idea implementation to ensure you put out the best content on social media. There are two packages available for this feature: starter and pro packages.

The starter package is ideal for a limited budget. The program includes a 4-week campaign where all new users are directed to your account to listen to your music. The target audience is slightly above 1000 viewers. The package goes for $349.

The premium or pro package which goes for $1699 features a 6-week campaign on Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Vine, and Snapchat. The package is inclusive of an experienced and efficient project manager and a team of creative social media influencers. The package also ensures that a bigger audience is directed to your social media.

v. Security

Securing an artist’s work is especially important to a new or budding artist. It can be difficult to protect your work on your own, but ditto does it for you.

In the upload process you will be required to input a UPC code. Don’t worry if you do not have one as its provided. A UPC is a form of the virtual fingerprint which protects your music.

A UPC is a barcode which protects your content from being used for free. An ISRC code also protects your content by preventing free downloads and streaming, which would deny you royalties.

What to expect from ditto music?

ditto music promotion

Ditto is a reputable music distribution platform. After you have uploaded your music, you should expect between 2-4 business days to have it live on iTunes. Ditto music has an especially close relationship with iTunes, which can see to it that you pay $40 to get your music to the front of the line.

In less than four hours, your music will have gone live! The distribution platform recommends giving them up to 3 weeks to have your music on all the platforms you chose. The duration is subject to change and delays.

Customer reviews have shown that at the time, the process may take up to 8 weeks before your music can be released to the world. You can imagine if everyone in a line pays for iTunes express. You may have to wait a month or two!

Ditto music also claims exceptional customer support service. With over 165 staff, the clients are supposed to expect nothing less than real solutions. However, the customer service has been reviewed to be terrible.

No company is perfect. Even with those downfalls, the FAQ section on ditto music comes in handy with many questions the users may have. The wide distribution and features of ditto music make up for the shortcomings.

How to upload music using ditto music

ditto music distribution review

Once you have signed up for ditto music with your email and other credentials, what’s next? Here is a step by step guide on how to upload your release content on ditto music.

  • Log into the website with your correct credentials
  • Click on “new” once inside your account
  • From the menu, click on “new release.”
  • Choose your plan
  • Choose the outlets or stores your music will be distributed
  • Decide on the release dates
  • Click on the upload button
  • Monitor your sales and money

The uploading process is simple and user-friendly. If you have any problems with the process, you can click on the help button, which is on the top-right side of the page.

Price and plans

Ditto music allows members to sign up for free. It can be daunting to make monetary commitments to a platform you know nothing about. Ditto music recognizes that and therefore made joining the platform free.

Also, the platform lets every artist, musician or songwriter keep 100% of their royalties earned from selling their releases. However, the distribution platforms charge fees and commissions. Here is the pricing plan available for members.


ditto music express

The artist pricing plan is designed for one artist to distribute an unlimited amount of content on the platform. No two users can use the account at any one time. The plan goes for $19 a year.

Ditto music allows the artists to keep 100% of all their royalties realized from selling their content.


With a professional account, you can share the distribution platform with a friend and fellow artists. The account goes for $29 a year. However, both artists are allowed unlimited access to share their content on the distribution platform.

With a professional account, you enjoy all the great features and many more. Among these features is a compilation release that is not available to artist account users.

Label account

The label account is the high-end account on ditto music. The account goes for $69 a year and can be used by up to five artists at the same time. All the artists can upload their music on the platform without any limitation whatsoever.

The account is characterized by exceptional support, compilation releases, and priority when releasing the music to different online music platforms.

Every account allows you access to 100% royalties from your work. With whichever account you opt for, there are additional costs you should expect to incur. We have talked about them above.

The costs are not mandatory, but they are associated with features that are important to your music.

Ditto music does not charge the user when they change their preferred platforms where the music can be distributed. You can also change from one account to another when you deem fit. Finally, there are no lousy binding contracts. You can terminate your use of the platform at any time.


  • You get to keep 100% of all royalties
  • The music distribution platform offers a variety of pricing plans
  • Very easy to use and understand
  • The withdrawal threshold of $25 is relatively lower
  • Flexibility to switch between the pricing options
  • No paperwork or contracts needed


  • You can only withdraw your money once you have met the threshold of $25
  • Poor customer service and delivery time
  • Most features are not free to use, e.g., pre-release and the iTunes express
  • There are too many hidden costs
  • The platform takes 10% of all YouTube monetization royalties
YouTube video


Who is ditto music for? Are you an upcoming musician or sing writer looking for a cheaper alternative with unlimited releases? Ditto music provides a music distribution platform that is not only affordable for every artist but also has a lot to offer.

Ditto music is loaded with amazing features like the “record label in a box,” which we absolutely love, among others. Are you a promising artist? Ditto music takes you in and exposes you to the world through its partnership with over 200 platforms.

The career support you can get on this platform as a budding artist is overwhelming. Ditto music is the distribution platform for any artist looking to take their career to the next level. You can achieve what you thought was impossible through Ditto music.

Scale the heights of your musical career today!

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3 thoughts on “Ditto Music Review: Legit Music Distribution Tool?”

  1. Thanks, very helpful! Am part of house band of Specialist Autism Services, Bradford, England – we do our own songs, and pretty well recorded – not in a position to be professionals, but would like to have a wider audience than just small views on YouTube. One thing not covered in your review – roughly how much is earned per song stream?

  2. I read the reviews carefully and still went ahead because i believed people complaining were actually the once who used fake streams as we have succeeded in withdrawing one payment from a past promo of a single, we playlisted our song on our new album which was a big project and got our account suspended for abnormal streams even after providing evidence of streams we didn’t even get a response back till now, they even went ahead to report to Spotify and had our songs taken down without actually providing evidence or responding to our email with evidence of stream, now the songs are still in the other stores gaining streams and yet we can access it, this is absolutely not the way to do business because the same customer care where quick to respond before we uploaded our album and now they can no longer do so, this may truly be a way of scamming artist? at least remove the songs from all the stores you distributed to so the artist can redistribute with other stores easily as you guys are not the only distributors so it looks more like an excuse to extort as their actions are clearly not professional as they also complained about us uploaded more songs than we paid for which was clearly not the case either, silly excuses if you ask me, daylight robbery!

    1. they suspend my account , is not good to use ditto
      its better to use distrokid, your song remove specific store but your account on distrokid still there
      or use landr or amuse because they warning you first before close your account, ditto did not warning you they suspend your account quickly

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