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eMastered Review: Can eMastering Replace Engineers?


Are you a music enthusiast and you would like to take your songs to the next level? Great-sounding tracks do not just pop out from the blues. They are made!

If you are not conversant with the whole music industry and the entire process of producing amazing tracks, you may wonder how it is possible.

This is where Emastered comes in. This mastering software enhances your track in ways you could never imagine. It boosts the sound of your track and makes it louder and crisper.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this music mastering software. Many famous and upcoming artists claim that it is the best tool to master your track. Are these claims legit?

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What is Emastered?

emastered mastering service

Emastered is an online audio mastering engine developed by Grammy-winning engineers, powered by AI. It is exceptionally easy to use, and it transforms your track in seconds.

With Emastered, music mastering has become fast and easy. You can instantly create great-sounding music that will leave your listeners yearning for more.

This online mastering software will refine and clean up your piece to create a better, professional sounding track. You can master any music genre and get better results in seconds. So, if you wish to delve into the music industry, Emastered will prepare your tracks for commercial consumption at any time.

Isn’t this the best deal ever?

Main Features and Benefits

The coolest feature Emastered has is that it allows users to adjust more than one mastering settings, which gives you control over the final product. These settings include:

  • EQ intensity
  • Mastering strength
  • Compressor intensity
  • Stereo width
  • EQ settings
  • Overall volume

Also, there is a reference mastering feature that allows users to upload a track that another artist has already mastered professionally. The algorithm then masters your track using the reference track.

More features and benefits of using Emastered include:

Instant online mastering

Emastered has an easy-to-use webpage that allows users to upload their tracks easily and fast. This webpage is for people that do not have a plan and is free to use.

The webpage is responsive and has a professional look. All you have to do is click on the red button, then drag and drop your music and wait for the magic to happen.

Friendly support team

emastered download free

Emastered’s homepage also has a support button that lets you start conversations with the support team if you are stuck or need help. You can find more information about the software by listening to the numerous testimonials by different famous artists.

If you want to stay informed, you can subscribe to Emastered’s free newsletter to get daily tips and advice from the Emastered team. You will also be updated on new features and designs.

Personal blog

The website also has a personal blog that gives users useful information and guidelines concerning the software. This blog guides and motivates users while giving examples of famous musicians’ issues and how they got past them.

File types

Emastered features high-resolution audio tracks. Once you upload your music, it will be converted into a small sharable file of 320 kbps. It has a high definition WAV of up to 192k/24 file type that is of higher quality and standard than the high-resolution one.

Also, Emastered’s third file type features uncompressed WAV. This file is 4.4 times better than the high-resolution one in terms of quality, which is ideal for uploading to any streaming service.

Cloud storage

This is another great feature and benefit of Emastered. The cloud storage feature allows users to store their tracks in the software. Each user gets a private library for his/her storage purposes.

If you lose your files, you do not have to worry because you already have a backup.

Highly advanced mastering options

This remarkable feature gives you more control over your tracks. This means that you can manually adjust and apply any mastering option you like.

With this option, you can easily adjust the EQ, stereo width, volume, and mastering strength. Also, if you wish to retrieve your mastering options quickly, you can save them as presets.

AI-powered Reference mastering

If you want your piece to sound like a particular track by your favorite musician, Emastered has got you. Using the reference mastering option, you can upload your reference track analyzed by the mastering engine. The software will then master your song using the reference track.

Track statistics

emastered cost

If you would like to know how many listeners are fascinated by your track, Emastered has an option for that. So, you can easily track your listeners on your public page with ease.

Sharable library page

Sometimes you may wish to share some of your files with your fans, family, or friends. With the sharable library page, things just got easier. You can select the tracks you want to share and leave the rest.

Any style and genre

The Emastered engine builds a custom master that is tailored towards mastering and improving any song. This engine applies the same effects like saturation, EQ, and compression, giving the track a unique and beautiful sound.

Easy to use, fast and affordable

If your budget is tight, worry no more. Emastered will analyze and master your track in seconds. You will get quality sounding tracks at a fair price.

Also, you will not spend hours or even days trying to master your track the traditional way. So, if you want your tracks to sound professional within a few minutes and at a fair price, Emastered is the way to go.

How does Emastered Work?

Emastered is a highly intelligent and intuitive online software that uses top-notch technology to master music tracks. This software analyzes a track’s audio fingerprint with its excellent audio recognition algorithms and presents great-sounding music. The algorithm masters the track to meet the preferred commercial industry standards in just a few minutes.

Although Emastered guarantees quick results, the engineering process itself is complex. Your track will go through equalization, volume normalization, compression, and several other complex techniques that will make your track ready for consumption by your audience.

Several steps are involved in the Emastered mastering process. These are:

1. Sign up

Before you do anything else, you have to sign up through a paid plan of your choice. Once you sign up, you will get full access to all the software features and begin your mastering journey.

2. Upload your song

Emastered supports various formats such as WAV, MP3, and AIFF files. Uploading your song is easy. You only need to click on the red button located at the top of the homepage, and your piece will be sent to the engine’s online servers.

However, there are some rules that you must follow before you upload the track. The first rule is to avoid clipping, and you should always ensure that your master channel never hits 0dB. This means that your master channel should hit anything between -3 and -6dB.

Emastered atom review

Also, you need to export your audio at the highest format both in bit depth and sample rate. The ideal sample rate is 48 kHz and a bit depth of 32. This will provide the mastering engine with the best and highest quality to work with.

You are advised to remove any unnecessary frequencies from all your individual tracks before uploading them for much better results. This will provide Emastered with a cleaner product that will make it easy to master.

When possible, ensure that you remove any plugins from your master channel. This is because plugins may make the results of the mastering process to be bad. So, if you want Emastered to improve your song without obstacles, remove all the plugins.

3. Analyze and Master

Once you successfully upload your file, please wait for it to analyze and master. This process takes a few seconds. Emastered’s algorithm picks up all the tools needed to master the song and starts analyzing it.

Once the mastering is completed, the track will be louder and crispier than the original one. At this point, you have nearly perfect audio that is way better than what you uploaded.

4. Preview and Download

The last step is to preview your track and download it. You can compare the improved track to your original one for free. If you are satisfied with the results, click the download button and save it as a WAV or Mp3 audio file.

You, however, need to have a subscription plan to download unlimited masters monthly.

Why should you Choose Emastered?

Emastered has several competitors, such as LANDR. So, why should you choose Emastered over LANDR?

Both LANDR and Emastered will offer you excellent quality. However, if you want affordable, easy, and fast mastering software, Emastered is the ideal choice. It will provide you with excellent results and make your track sound like a pro.

Emastered has several mastering settings that you can easily adjust. Once you know how each setting works, you will control how you want your audio to sound. This is by far the best feature that Emastered offers.

Besides, you can test-run the software online before you decide to create an account. If you are not satisfied with the engine and you had already paid for a plan, do not worry. Emastered has a functional 14-day money-back guarantee so your money will not get lost.

Prices and Plans

emastered free account

If you are looking for the perfect mastering software that is reliable and budget-friendly, Emastered is the way to go. There are four moderately-priced plans that you can subscribe to. These plans have both monthly and yearly options. So, you can select a plan that will save you both time and money.

Mastering a track on your own is time-consuming. If you decide to hire a sound engineer, you will have to go deep into your pocket. By selecting one of the reliable Emastered plans, you will save more time and money and have peace of mind.

The four plans include:

Plus Package

Plus package requires a monthly fee of 6pounds or a cumulative annual fee of 72pounds.

This package offers you cloud storage, advanced reference mastering, a sharable library page, advanced mastering options, track statistics, and unlimited high-resolution mastering. If you want high definition WAV or uncompressed WAV, you will get them at an additional cost of 7.99pounds and 4.99pounds, respectively.

Professional Package

The professional package goes for 15pounds monthly or 180pounds annually.

You will get unlimited uncompressed WAV; High Res MP3 mastered audios and unlimited HD WAV mastering. You will also have access to features such as track statistics, cloud storage, advanced mastering options, and reference mastering, similar to the plus package. If you want value for your money, this package is the best choice.

Advanced Pro

This plan is similar to the professional package in every way. However, you need to pay a monthly fee of 26pounds with a yearly commitment. Once you subscribe to this plan, you will immediately have access to cloud storage, track statistics, unlimited uncompressed WAV, and practically everything in the professional package.

Advanced Plus

Everything you get in this plan is a replica of the Plus Package. The only difference is that you will pay a monthly fee of 19pounds with an annual commitment.

Pros of Emastered

emastered reference mastering

You will get many advantages from using this software, which will help you take your music to the next level. Some of the main pros include:

  • Super-cheap -Emastered is extremely cheap. It will give you quality tracks at a fair price, saving you the hassle and high cost of hiring a professional sound engineer.
  • Easy-to-use – Emastered’s website has a professional look and feel. The interface is responsive and user-friendly. It features a drag and drop option that makes it incredibly easy to use. This means people of all ages can operate it.
  • High-quality sound – once your track is mastered with this software, will sound louder, livelier, and brighter than before. Also, the track will be sonically balanced. So, you will get professional-sounding music that you can immediately share with your listeners.
  • Adjustable mastering settings – this mastering engine offers a wide array of mastering settings that you can easily adjust. So, you can control your track and apply the settings you like.
  • Test-run service – if you are not ready to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription, there is a free test run service. This allows users to use the software for free, and if they like it, they can select a plan of their choice. Also, users benefit from the money-back guarantee option because their money can be refunded within 14 days if they do not like the mastering engine.
  • Affordable – all the plans offered by this mastering software are affordable and offer value for money. Also, you will get unlimited high resolution and WAV files for any plan you select.


  • This software only allows users to upload and master one audio file at a time. This may limit artists that have several songs ready to be mastered and released within a short time.
  • The mastered songs cannot be compared to tracks mastered by a dedicated sound engineer or mastering studio. Besides, the stereo image is not largely enhanced compared to tracks enhanced by a sound expert.
  • Harmonic enhancement is also not largely enhanced.
  • No digital distribution is included with the plans (unlike Landr).

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions about this product that may be bothering you

How does Emastered work?

This engine uses cutting-edge technology and highly advanced audio recognition algorithms that analyze and represent your track’s sonic identity. The result is a better, professional- sounding audio that meets the industry standards.

How do I prepare my song for uploading to the software?

The most important thing is to avoid clipping and ensuring that your master channel never hits 0dB.

What file types can be uploaded?

Emastered supports AIFF, WAV, and MP3 files that are up to 900 megabytes.

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Overall, Emastered software enhances and improves your audio track in a significant way. So, investing in this mastering software is a commendable idea because you will save more time and money. With such a great and reliable product, what are you waiting for?

The webpage of this software is very appealing and has that professional look that makes you want to use it repeatedly. Also, the big red button cannot miss your eye if you are a beginner.

Mastering your tracks is very simple. All you need to do is drag and drop your music files, and voila! A new, better-sounding track comes through the download button!

So, besides the few cons that are not deal-breakers, you should get this software for regular use. With this user-friendly product, you can take your music career to the next level.

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