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Fresh Tunes Review: Should You Avoid It?


Music distribution in this day and age is a very tricky business for up and coming artists and music producers. With the internet taking over how people receive and pay for their music, there seem to be way too many options available to musicians when it comes to music distribution services.

Many artists have a different approach when it comes to music distribution and the method they choose usually takes several factors into account. One key factor is the financial compensation you will receive for your tracks.

Many artists feel they should be getting most of the gains from their creative masterpieces, and they are entitled to believe so. Some artists choose music distribution services based on their commission rates and fees and do not stop to think of the range of audience the company is providing or even their methods of music distribution.

When searching for the perfect music distributor for your creations, we recommend checking out a hidden gem known as Fresh Tunes. Although unknown, for now, Fresh Tunes is increasing its hold on the music distribution industry.

Stick around, and we’ll go through all of the reasons Fresh Tunes is loved by many, and disliked by some. We hope to cover a range of features that Fresh Tunes offers, as well as all the Pros and Cons the Fresh Tunes platform has to offer music creators of all levels.

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What is Fresh Tunes?


Fesh Tunes was established in Dubai and began distributing music in 2016. Co-founded by Nikolay Okorokov, Fresh Tunes rapidly increased its user base during its genesis years and has since become a music distribution platform used by thousands of artists of all levels and genres, according to their websites claims.

Since the companies formation, Fresh Tunes has claimed to be free to use services that enable musicians, DJ’s, bands, to sell their musical creations online and keep 100% of the cash flow generated by sales, with no hidden fees. An allegedly transparent business model, Fresh Tunes claims to have revolutionized how artists can monetize their artistic creations and keep all of their hard-earned rewards.

Running from its Moscow headquarters, Fresh Tunes claims it has established offices in some of the world’s most significant cities in countries like the UK and Brazil. They are rapidly expanding their userbase and have claimed to be offering music distribution services at a global level.

The companies business model, which they claim, promotes and supports up. Coming artists and music producers have led to a unique marketing model as a result of their 0% commission or royalties system. As well as the free features available, Fresh Tunes offers its more experienced users excellent promotional packages and add-ons.

As the companies user base continues to grow, Fresh Tunes has claimed to have committed themselves to continue to keep their platform entirely free for the user looking to distribute and sell their music. Advertising access to some of the most popular platforms on the internet, including Youtube, Amazon Music, Google Music, and Itunes.

The Fresh Tunes website claims to offer 24/7 support for users, although many user reviews have alleged a long response time when trying to resolve issues.

Key Features of Fresh Tunes

Fresh Tunes has laid the claim that they have revolutionized the music distribution industry in the years since they were established. What singles Fresh Tunes out from other platforms, and makes it seriously unique in their opinion, is its 100% free music distribution service.

This is allegedly a great resource to have available for up and coming artists trying to get their creations released without sacrificing hefty proportions of their sales, but do the claims hold up under scrutiny?

Fresh Tunes allege that they create their revenue by selling extra add-on services to their customers, which they promote as a great use when developing and expanding your target audiences. As they offer free and paid options, we thought we’d mix it up and give you two lists of features, once for the completely free services Fresh Tunes provide, and one for the paid premium services available through the platform.


Free Features

  • Fresh Tunes registration is 100% free and claims to come with absolutely no hidden charges or fees.
  • Free access to the Fresh Tunes dashboard
  • Manage and release your artwork and tracks
  • Free analytical tool to monitor your sales and engagement statistics.
  • Free access to major music streaming platforms such as Youtube, Amazon, Tidal, and Spotify.
  • no royalties or hidden commission charges on sales, by Fresh Tunes account

Premium Paid Features

As the Fresh Tunes business model supposedly does not charge commission or fees on the music distribution service they provide. They claim to earn their revenue by offering optional add-ons through the website marketplace that they say can be used to promote your tracks and boost your sales.

According to Fresh Tunes, these services are claimed to be entirely voluntary and are not a requirement to use free music distribution features. The premium features include:

  • Promotion for your tracks and albums through Fresh Tunes Youtube channel.
  • Lyric video creation and customization services
  • Artwork and design tools and services
  • Ringtone creation
  • Automated music mastering and quality enhancement to improve compatibility with streaming services

How to Upload Music to Fresh Tunes

Another question that must be asked, how easy is Fresh Tunes to upload music too? Fresh Tunes claims a fully automated service and supposedly requires a few very simples steps to get your music distributed to the worldwide streaming marketplace.

According to the Fresh Tunes webpage, uploading is done in three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Upload your track in WAV or FLAC format
  • Step 2: Upload your tracks’ artwork
  • Step 3: Fill in the track description, genre, artist, etc

That’s it?

With these three supposedly simple steps, Fesh Tunes advertise that your music will be distributed out to the most popular services available on the internet, and all you have to do is relax and let the money pile up, or so they claim.

Once your music is uploaded to Fresh Tunes, you can use the dashboard tools available to you through your free account, to monitor the engagement your tracks or albums are getting from customers. Which may be an excellent way for you to tailor your style to your audience as your fanbase grows. You can manage your sales and uploads from the dashboard, and many Fresh Tunes review place this as an extremely easy to use experience.

When reading user reviews. It becomes apparent that this easy to use experience is the main reason many up, and coming artists choose Fresh Tunes as a hub to centralize their work and avoid having an unnecessary amount of marketplace accounts opened.

This service, on its surface, seems to be entirely free and is alleged to stay this way as a result of Fresh Tunbes supposedly revolutionary business model, which brings us to.

Price and Plans of Fresh Tunes

To use the core services that Fresh Tunes offer, users, do not have to pay any fees or commissions to release their songs and start earning real money.

As can be expected, all transfer fees and banking fees are paid by the artist, and Fresh Tunes take absolutely no charge. How do they make money then? You may be asking.

Fresh Tunes claim to have a very innovative and transparent money-making model, and that is by providing additional services on their platform, to the users already availing of the free music distribution services they provide.


This model, Fresh Tunes states, allows up and coming artists like DJ’s and rappers, the chance to build some revenue on the site, and reinvest it in boosting the marketing of their content.

We already went through some of the paid add-ons offered by Fresh Tunes, but this is only scratching the surface of what they claim to provide, more info can be gained from their website, where you take at a look their services without making any commitments or verifying accounts or email addresses.

These paid services, according to Fresh Tunes, are entirely optional and do not have to be used when availing of the free music distribution services that Fresh Tunes provide.


  • Completely Free to register and begin distributing your music through the online marketplace.
  • The transparent and artist-friendly business model concentrates resources on providing their users with an excellent level of support
  • Supports uploading to all major platforms and many less known ones
  • The paid services provided by Fesh Tunes offer great resources to up and coming artist s and can help them promote their work.


  • Banking process may take long to set up in the beginning when using Fresh Tunes
  • Sometimes it takes your music a few days and in some cases even a week to become available on some platforms
  • Slow response times from the support team
  • Some reviewers claim disputes regarding royalties from sales
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The services offered by Fresh Tunes claim to be everything we could ask for in a music distribution platform, the fact that it is 100% free to start selling your music makes this a high selling point for young artists.

Although they offer an excellent service, only time will honestly tell if the Fresh Tunes business model is transparent as they claim; however, some positive reviews seem to be.

As a free service, it is an excellent way to begin your experience with music distribution.

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