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How to Get Your Music on BeatPort? (Step-by-Step Guide for Artists)

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With growing speed and reliability of Internet, online music distribution is undoubtedly the best way to sell your music.

It’s not only faster and more secure way of delivering music, but it also allows you to target a much bigger customer base with minimum expenses. There are specialist sites offering content delivery services to enable you to reap the benefits of online media distribution at affordable prices.

You can use any of the several available sites to distribute your music to customers globally. Beatport is one of the best online music distribution networks.

In this article, we’ll have a look at the advantages of using Beatport to distribute your music online and also some of the best ways to achieve this. So, read on and make the most out of your musical journey!

Why Should I Use Beatport for Distributing My Music Online?

Beatport is one of the most popular sites that offer music sharing platform for DJs, fans and music creators. With over 50 million users, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that it’s the Mecca of music.

Established in 2004, Beatport has evolved over time and has won several accolades including the International Dance Music Awards continuously for nine years from 2006 to 2014.

Beatport supports music in WAV as well as MP3 formats and users can either stream online or download from their store.

They’ve got excellent discovery and search tools and DJs can even create their own playlists for quick access to their selection. Their collaboration with Spotify allows them to provide content to millions of Spotify users too.

As a music creator, you can either create your own label by applying for the same or simply release your music using their Record Union label. Whether you’re an upcoming musician or an established artist, you’ll get a customized experience with Beatport to get access to millions of global music lovers.

All in all, Beatport is a perfect choice to start streaming your music and earn fame as well as money!

Beatport has a specific focus on DJs, which makes it even more effective in terms of getting higher conversions to buyers. This is because when people listen to your numbers being played on the dance floor, they’re more inclined towards buying the song.

There are many musicians generating a steady income by selling their music online using Beatport; so can you!

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Why Should I Opt for a Music Distributor to Put My Music on Beatport?

With so many benefits of uploading music on Beatport, it’s no wonder that most music artists and DJs want to use their services. Although it’s relatively quite simple to avail the facilities, it’s much easier to do it with a good distribution partner.

Some music creators might even find it extremely challenging to follow the procedure to directly use Beatport.

As a matter of fact, if you’re starting off in the music industry, you may not be having your own label that meets the requirements of Beatport. In such a case also, you’ll need a music distributor, who can provide you with a hassle-free music distribution facility through Beatport.

Even if you’re an eminent artist with existing fans, you can skip the troublesome registration procedure by hiring a reliable distribution partner.

A distributor can not only save your efforts, but also enhances your chances of reaching a greater number of people through Beatport. Therefore, it’s always prudent to use the services of a music distributor in order to maximize your profits and royalty.

In the following section, we’ll have a look at the top three distributors that you can use for selling your music on Beatport. Read on, if you’re wondering, how to get your music on Beatport?

Top 3 Recommended Distributors to Upload Your Music on Beatport

In order to make the most of Beatport, you must get connected to it through a good music distribution platform. There are only a few online distributors that distribute music to Beatport, following are the top three picks :-

1. iMusician

imusician review

iMusician offers one of the most flexible platforms to upload and sell your music on Beatport. The process is as simple as it gets; all you’ve to do is follow the steps given below :-

  • Create an iMusician account
  • Upload your music
  • Start earning money

After you’ve registered with iMusician, you’ll be able to create your own label. This is a prerequisite to release your music on Beatport. It doesn’t charge any initial or annual fees; there are no hidden commissions or any charges for ISRCs or barcodes.

iMusician has great offers on over 250 online music shops like Juno Download, Traxsource, etc. You can choose to sell your music on any one shop or multiple stores. There are different types of plans to suit your needs.

2. Ditto

ditto music review

This is a completely independent and transparent platform for distributing your music online through Beatport.

It gives you total control over your music and allows you to keep your entire earnings to yourself. With physical presence in 16 countries, Ditto can provide you with excellent customer care support.

They even provide artists expert advertisements and campaigning advice to help them get maximum royalty from over 100 stores. With special emphasis on producers and DJs, Ditto offers all essential services in a single package known as Ditto DJ Plus. This allows them to publish their music in the EDM specific stores as well as mainstream sites.

3. Record Union

record union

Established in 2008, the Record Union is a superb music distribution platform based in Stockholm, Sweden.

With a small group of 30 music fans, experts and enthusiasts from eight different nationalities, the company has the motto of democratizing music. What this means is that they work with the aim to transfer power from the industry to the fans and the music creators.

They’ve got an excellent support staff, that’s not only friendly, but also knowledgeable. Their registration and music sharing procedures are fairly simple and even a novice can follow them. They’ve got plans starting from $7.00 and cover different types of requirements that a music creator may have.

Record Union has got collaboration with most of the major music services like iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, etc, which means that your music is easily available to anyone around the globe for streaming and/or downloading.

Requirements of Beatport Before Uploading Your Music

Although it’s completely possible to release your music directly on Beatport, it’s not very convenient because of the stringent requirements that they have. If you’re planning to upload your music on Beatport without using any of the above platforms, following are the four basic essentials that you must have :

  1. A biannual schedule of releases along with an effective marketing strategy.
  2. A substantial presence in the digital world; you must be there on Twitter, Facebook, etc with adequate followers.
  3. An established team of experienced music creators, mixing artists supported by a reliable label.
  4. References and endorsements from DJs to validate your claims of previous experience in promotional and release activities.

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Following are a few of the frequently asked questions about distribution of music on Beatport :-

Q1. How much time will it take for my music to appear on Beatport?

A1. It generally depends upon a few factors like the distributor, your previous works, etc. However, it can safely be said that it’ll take about a week to get your music on Beatport platform if you’ve already uploaded on Beatport previously. In case of new members, it may take up to three weeks.

Q2. How much can I earn through Beatport?

A2. A song is generally sold at $1.29 on Beatport. Your final share from the cost will depend upon your distributor’s deal with Beatport and with you. If you’ve got a 50% deal with the distributor and don’t have any label, following could be the likely shares from the sale :

  • Cost on Beatport – $1.29
  • Net income share – 70¢
  • Label share – 50¢
  • Your share – 25¢

As can be seen from the above example, you can make about 25¢ from every sale of $1.29 on Beatport. This amounts to about 20% of the cost of your song on Beatport.

Q3. When do I get paid from Beatport? How does it happen?

A3. There are different options available for the periodicity and methods of payment. You can either choose to get paid weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc. The payment directly gets credited to your bank account or you can connect your Beatport account to your PayPal account also.


Beatport is one of the most loved online music distribution platforms, especially for dance music lovers.

Although you can upload your music on it directly, it’s a better idea to utilize the services of a reliable music distributor. The list of distributors discussed in this article is not a comprehensive one and you can find others that may suit your needs even better.

If you have any lingering questions, feel free to post your queries and we’ll be happy to answer!

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