How to Get Your Music on Google Play? (Step-by-Step Guide for Artists)

get music on google play

While digital technology may have hurt the music industry in some ways, it has also helped many bands work their way up to fame.

The biggest bands have adapted to the digital age and can still get rich even though they cannot sell as many CDs as before. Smaller bands can use the internet as a new path to fame.

If you want the internet to work for and not against you, you need to get your songs on Google play. If you can get your songs on Google play, there is a reasonable chance that your popularity will explode.

With online music distributors such as TuneCore, you can sell your music to a mass audience online.

What is Google play?

Google Play is Google’s music streaming service, which became very popular after it was launched in 2011. Google Play allows users to upload up to 50,000 songs to their libraries, even with a free account.

With a paid account, a user can stream whatever song they want from Google’s enormous library. If you paid for a subscription to Google Play, you often also get access to Youtube Premium or Youtube Music Premium, depending on what country you live in.

Google Play also allows users to download their songs and play them offline. With a paid premium account, there are no ads; there are ads for the free version. Google Play is mostly for mobile uses, but it works equally well on desktops and laptops.

The streaming service offers podcasts and not only music to listen to. Google Play remains very popular today, with countless users in many countries.

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Why is getting your music on Google play so important?

Google Play exposes your music to an enormous audience. While Google Play in not available everywhere, it is open to users in 63 countries.

Google Play currently has more than a billion monthly users. If you can get your band’s music on Google play, you can expose it to much of the world’s population. It is one of the best ways for a small group to become well known and famous today.

Google Play is an enormous project led by one of the world’s largest companies. Hundreds of thousands of developers are currently working on the Google Play project, which is not limited to music and allows people to stream media in general.

Even the iOS Appstore and the Amazon Appstore do not have as many developers as the Google Play project. Google Play has more app downloads per month than there are people in the world. It is, therefore, your first choice if you want people to be able to stream your music.

Google Play is a great place to sell and not merely share music

Bands should use Google Play to sell music, and not merely to make people more aware of it. Legal music streaming today is a colossal business, much more profitable than selling CDs and able to compete with illegal downloading as well.

Bands that use Google Play should aim to sell and not merely to make people more aware of their music. If you want to make people more aware of your music by giving some of it away for free, you should use other platforms besides Google Play.

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Do you need a music distributor to get your music on Google Play?

Using a music distributor is the right way to go. Back in April 2019 and before, unsigned artists could upload any of their music go Google Play for free, but this is no longer true.

Today, you should use a distributor such as Tunecore, Distrokid, or iMusician to get your songs sold on Google play. It is no longer as easy for a small band to get its music sold to a large audience as it was before.

Use Tunecore to get your music on Google Play


Tunecore is one of the easiest ways of getting your music out to a broad audience as an unsigned band. Tunecore will help you make your music or your artwork available for sale everywhere, including on Google Play.

Tunecore will also help you offer your music for sale on iTunes, Deezer, and Spotify. The first step to selling your music through TuneCore is to create an account.

Upload your music

After creating an account, upload your music to Tunecore. You can, if you are interested, also upload many other types of artwork.

After you upload your music, you can choose which online stores you want to sell your music on, including Google Play. Google Play is one of the most important stores, but you might as well choose to sell your music on some of the other stores Tunecore offers as well.

Tunecore will send it to Google Play

Tunecore has a reputation for being able to get music uploaded to Google Play and other stores fast, so it won’t take long before you can look at Google Play Music and see your own bands’ songs and albums available for sale.

Is Tunecore a good choice for getting songs on Google Play?

Yes, Tunecore is one of the best and most respected companies in the business. You can trust them to get your songs uploaded to the stores quickly and to answer any technical support questions you might have.

Does TuneCore take a share of the money you make?

No! One of the best things about TuneCore is that you can keep 100% of the profits you make from your music. If you make a sale on Google play, you keep 100% of what Google pays you. TuneCore does not take anything.

How does TuneCore make money?

You need to pay a yearly fee to upload music on TuneCore. To put songs on Google Play, it will cost you $11.99 for a single song or $35.99 for an album. This money goes to the TuneCore company and not to Google Play.

Does it take time to get paid?

Yes, it can take about two months after a sale for the money to end up in your bank account. Google Play does not send the money to TuneCore right away, so it does take time.

Will our music be accepted?

It is easy for music to be accepted by TuneCore and Google Play as long as you submit it in an appropriate file format. Make sure that your file formats are appropriate and that you fill out your release information properly.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get my music on Google Play with TuneCore?

Not long at all. A day is usually enough, although there is no guarantee that it will only take that long.

How much does TuneCore pay?

All of the money that Google Play pays you. TuneCore only charges a fee to distribute each album, it does not charge a percentage of each sale.

When and how do you get paid by TuneCore?

It can take two months to get paid, as it takes that long for Google Play to send the money to TuneCore. While TuneCore will send you the money fast, Google Play is slow to send the money to TuneCore. TuneCore will send you a bank transfer, which can now be in your local currency.

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Alternatives to Tunecore: Distrokid

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One advantage that Distrokid has over TuneCore is that you can upload an unlimited amount of music for a single fee. Instead of having to pay per album, you pay a single fee to sell all of your songs on the online stores you want.

Distrokid is cheaper than TuneCore

One might assume that Distrokid would charge a lot more than TuneCore if it allows you to upload unlimited songs, but DistroKid only charges $19.99 per year – less than TuneCore does for a single album! You might also assume that a lower cost to upload your music means that Distrokid wants royalties, but Distrokid lets you keep all of your sales as well.

Distrokid may have some disadvantages

Distrokid only gives you half as many stores to choose from, as TuneCore does. Distrokid also may not do as much to help you distribute your songs as TuneCore does, and TuneCore may have a better customer service reputation.

Distrokid is probably better than TuneCore

The advantages that TuneCore may have over Distrokid are questionable, but the price advantage of Distrokid is genuine. As a new band starting out in online distribution, you should use Distrokid first. If you decide you want access to more stores at a later date, you might switch to TuneCore, but Distrokid should be your first choice. The advantages of TuneCore are of limited value.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get my music on Google Play with Distrokid?

Distrokid is even faster than TuneCore. Your songs will not appear instantly, but you can expect them to appear the same day.

How much does Distrokid pay?

Distrokid also does not charge any royalties. You will keep 100% of the money you earn from Google Play and other stores. Some of the stores you use may charge a percentage of each sale, but there are no charges from Distrokid itself.

How and when do I get paid by Distrokid?

It can easily take three months to get paid with Distrokid. Online stores can take months to send the funds to a distributor like Distrokid. After Distrokid receives the money, they will send it to you in 1-14 days.

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Alternatives to TuneCore: iMusician

imusician review

iMusician can send your music to more than 150 online stores, which makes it comparable to TuneCore and better than Distrokid in terms of how many stores are available. iMusician is also a 0% commission company. You will keep all of the money you earn on Google Play or any other online store.

Is iMusician more expensive than Tunecore – or is it actually cheaper?

If you pay a yearly fee, iMusician is more expensive than Distrokid. It costs you $29 per year to keep an album online, compared to $19.99 per year for all of your albums on Distrokid. iMusician is clearly the worse option if you look at the yearly cost. However, iMusician also allows you to pay $89 to keep an album available forever with no annual fee. The option of keeping an album in online stores forever is known as the Rockstar package, which in the long run makes iMusician the best deal.

What advantages does iMusician have?

If you are planning to keep your album available online for a long time, the option of permanently having each album available for $89 might be the right way to go. After several years, iMusician becomes the cheapest of the three options. Customer service also responds faster than for comparable companies, and the interface is somewhat easier than for TuneCore or Distrokid.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get my music on Google Play with iMusician?

Thankfully, iMusician can also get your songs on Google Play fast. It will only take a day or two for the songs to appear for sale.

How much does iMusician pay?

iMusician is also 100% commission and will never take a percentage of your sales.

How and when do I get paid by iMusician?

iMusician will pay you through banks, credit cards, or PayPal like the other companies do. It can also take months to get paid by iMusician if you sell something on Google Play, because Google Play will not send the money to iMusician for a long time.


It is no longer quite possible to make your music widely available online for free like it was for a few years when Google Play would distribute anything. However, you can still distribute your music online fairly cheaply.

If you have multiple albums to release online, Distrokid is probably the best option, as it would take a very long time for the Distrokid fees to add up to more than what iMusician charges.

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