How to Get Your Music on Instagram Stories? (Step-by-Step Guide)

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Have you ever used the Instagram Music feature for Instagram Stories?

As this feature has experienced a very positive response from the platform’s user base, more and more songs from both mainstream and independent music makers worldwide are being made available in it.

Do you want to form part of the Instagram Music catalog, and promote your music while letting others get creative with it?

Find out how in this article, along with the best online music distributors you can work with to gain traction and ensure good deals.

Why is it important to get your music on Instagram?

With more than a billion active users worldwide every month, Instagram is one of the most used platforms across the globe, and a place where people set trends and fresh content gets viralized.

Moreover, here’s a fun fact: as of the end of January 2020, Instagram counts with more than 500 million active users in their Stories feature, which is one of the most used features in the platform, because of the endless options it has to display people’s creativity.

By uploading your music to Instagram Music, you make it available for every user on the platform to play it on their Instagram Stories.

Even though Instagram is considered as a mainly visual social media platform, both business and personal users are learning the power that boosting their visual content with audio can give them. And this is right where your music comes in.

Think of your music on Instagram Stories as a “content on content” distribution strategy: people creating stories with your music in them will boost the quality of their own content, while promoting yours.

Having presence on Instagram and access to Facebook monetization and analytics systems can also work in your favor by the quantitative and qualitative data, you can obtain for your marketing; having your music on Instagram will allow you to have an idea of how many people are using your music, who’s sharing you, what are they sharing along to your music, their interests, etc.

This is valuable information you can use to push yourself to a specific audience or to expand your listener base according to what you find and your goals.

As for yourself, having your own music in Instagram Stories and promoting your material via Instagram can allow you a great deal of freedom to experiment what works visually and what doesn’t along to your music, because of the features of Instagram Stories:

  • Stories last up to 24 hours, after which they are no longer visible to your followers.
  • However, you can create Highlighted Stories, which allow you to display the stories you wish in your profile forever.
  • You can also use links in your Instagram Stories to redirect people to your landing page, where they can find out more about you and your music;
  • Lastly, you can use a plethora of visual elements in your Instagram stories, such as images, video, GIFs, stickers, whole posts or story reposts from your followers or accounts you wish to promote.

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Why do you need a music distributor to get your music on Instagram?

A music distributor can help you monetize your content not only in Instagram, but everywhere! Traditionally, Music distributors serve as middlemen between artists (or their labels) and the stores in which the music is outed to the public.

Nowadays, with the possibilities that digital media has opened, you don’t have to sell on physical stores only; you are able to promote and monetize your content online as well in many ways.

Music distribution platforms have taken the task of being the middlemen in this scenario as well, saving you from the technicalities, legalese and complicated numbers that getting your content online can mean.

In this regard, music distributors work along online companies that either promote direct sale of songs or pay for usage rights of your music.

3 Recommended distributors to upload your music to Instagram

The distributors mentioned here count with the Facebook Monetization feature, which allows you to collect revenue from use rights and ad placements around your music on Facebook and its platforms.

Since Facebook owns Instagram, your music’s activity on it will be monetized by Facebook.


cd baby

The biggest platform for music distribution online, CDBaby dominates the music distribution game offering more than 150 stores to make your content heard.

It is also now giving people resources to take advantage of their potential success on the stores CDBaby has access to.


distrokid logo

Being one of the first distribution platforms in the market offering unlimited distribution with no commissions for an annual fee, Distrokid offers great deals for people seeking to upload music constantly.

Only for $20 yearly, you can upload as many songs as you wish and have them published in many digital channels, even saved in a personal cloud storage.

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Tunecore has two main advantages over the two online distributors above: registration is completely free, and it allows you to upload songs one by one, with a yearly fee for each.

This feature is particularly useful if you’re an established artist wanting to expand your reach through new stores or digital channels.

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Requirements: How to prepare your music before it sending to these distributors?

For this, it’s necessary to understand how every platform works in regards of crediting the people involved in the project.

Besides, there is also a layer of regulations set by Facebook regarding copyright and fair use: make sure your songs are original material or clearly fair use material, since all of these companies manage fair use and copyright determination by third parties, which can be tricky and may delay your release date considerably.

For some of these companies, especially Tunecore, granting cover rights can be more difficult than one might expect. Being that said, a general fair use content guide is as follows:

  • Content that is critique, parody or satire.
  • Proper sampling.
  • Looping, as long as you have usage rights over said loop or have made the loop yourself.

Frequently asked questions regarding the recommended distributors

– How long does it take to get my music on the distributor of my choice?

Since Facebook can take its sweet time to upload your music to Instagram Music, up to 2 weeks; and this is a constant factor that will affect your release dates. Taking this into account, we will take the time of approval of the distributors themselves, listed above.


It takes one to five days for CDBaby to review your uploaded material before it is reviewed by Facebook.


In the case of Distrokid, as with any additional stores you may use, time varies, but the process doesn’t take longer than 2 weeks, with the average time being around 1 week.


For Tunecore, the review process takes around 1 business day, without counting the usual Facebook delay.

– How much does each distributor pay?

Answering this question itself with a specific rate is tricky, because that would be assuming the reach and success of your songs on Instagram.

Since revenue is determined by Facebook Monetization, we will take into account whether or not the distributors mentioned above take a commission or a fee by having your music uploaded to Instagram, and what’s the minimum payout for each music distribution platform.


CDBaby will take 9% of your digital revenue; this includes media uploaded to Facebook, therefore Instagram. Compared to the costs, it is a rather good deal if you’re planning on solo releases and albums sporadically; there are better distributors for prolific or established artists, such as the ones below.


As discussed above, Distrokid charges a $20 annual fee for unlimited song coverage. This means that, if you have a steady release pace, say, a song every week or couple of weeks, your earnings could easily offset the costs of having Distrokid as a music distributor.


Tunecore pays out 80% of your Facebook revenue, which can be favorable for you if you’re already gaining popularity; if not, it can be difficult to offset the annual costs of having your songs on Tunecore.

get music streaming platforms

– When and how do you get paid by the distributors?

The way in which online music distributors hand you the money they’ve collected for you is by receiving usage reports from the stores your music is being commercialized in.

In this case, Facebook will report to these platforms monthly, starting at the end of the month you uploaded your song in, after its approval.


You will receive your payment every Monday that you reach your set payment minimum, after CDBaby receives the usge reports from Facebook.


After successfully uploading a song, Distrokid will wait for the usage reports of the stores it works with to reflect any account balance. After that, you can claim your payment any day you have reached the set minimum for each payment method.


In its webpage, Tunecore states that after registering successfully one of your songs, it may take between 12 and 18 months to collect any owed revenue from usage rights of your music.

However, Facebook reports come in monthly, so you might be credited by the songs approved by Facebook at the end of the month you uploaded them on.

After this income has been collected by Tunecore and is in your account balance, payouts are done quarterly and are carried out 45 days after the end of the quarter. Below is the yearly quarterly schedule for your reference:

  1. Quarter 1 = January–March (Payout will occur in mid May)
  2. Quarter 2 = April-June (Payout will occur in mid August)
  3. Quarter 3 = July-September (Payout will occur in mid November)
  4. Quarter 4 = October-December (Payout will occur in mid February of the following year)


Having your music featured in Instagram Stories is the perfect way to promote yourself, generate hype for current or upcoming projects, connect with your audience and creating a sense of community, and even to establish promotional alliances by pairing your audio content with visual content from different artists or influencers.

If you’re considering having a strong presence on Instagram, beyond uploading videos with your music, Instagram Music for Stories is the way to go!

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