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How to Contact Distrokid’s Customer Service? Phone, Email & Chat


On average, almost all users of Distrokid are happy with the service, given its average rating of 4 stars among consumers.

However, the service is not free from complaints, with the most common being related to billing, copyright claims, and artist profile issues.

If you are like me, the first thing that springs to mind is to contact customer support whenever you experience a problem with the platform. Unfortunately, this is where things start to get a bit complicated with Distrokid.

The biggest issue is that there is no customer support phone number listed on the website, which I find frustrating if I need to speak to someone urgently. However, there are a few ways to get in touch with the team.

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Submit a Request Via the Support Center

You can find the support center by scrolling to the bottom of the Distrokid website. Once you click on the link, it will redirect you to a new page where you can submit a request.

The support center is pretty straightforward to use. Simply select the type of issue you are experiencing from the drop-down menu, fill out a brief description, and hit submit.

However, this option only offers help for a few issues, including:

  • Help with your Distrokid account
  • Help with my music in services
  • Help with my earnings, withdrawals, billing, and refunds
  • Help with DistroVid
  • Streaming services goodies

After selecting an option from the drop-down menu, a new tab will come up with another drop-down menu. The options will vary depending on the question chosen from the first tab.

Once you select an option addressing your problem, you will see a new option come up below the drop-down menu with the steps you can follow to solve it.

You can also chat with a bot via the support center if you need help.


Although you will not be talking to a live customer service representative, the bot is designed to help you with a range of issues, including:

  • How to upload your music
  • How to claim your royalties
  • I never got my cover art

Phone Call

Even after checking the Distrokid website multiple times, I could not find a customer support phone number. Their social media pages also do not have any contact information.

Distrokid tries as much as possible to get you to get help through the support center to reduce the number of tickets their customer service agents need to go through and help you get the help you need much faster.

But after doing a bit of research, I found that Distrokid does have a phone number that you can call and ask for help.

The company’s Better Business Bureau profile has the customer service number listed: (415) 763-8213

I called the number and was able to get in touch with a customer service agent who was able to help me with my issue. The agent was friendly and helpful, and I had no problems getting the help I needed.

They did ask for some details about my account to verify that I was the owner, but other than that, the process was quick and easy.


distrokid customer service EMAIL

You will also not find the Distrokid email address listed on their website. However, you can easily send them an email to customer support via the support center.

Navigate to the bottom of the page and select support center. A new page will come up with the option to submit a request.

Select one option from the drop-down menu to trigger a new drop-down menu. A new tab labeled “Email Us” will come up at the bottom of the page.

After clicking on it, I was prompted to enter my email address, the subject of the email, and a brief description of my problem.

You can also enter your DistroKid UPC and any attachments if applicable. Click submit and wait for a customer service agent to review your email and get back to you.

I found the waiting period for a response to be a bit longer than I would have liked, but I did get a solution.

Social Media

Distrokid is also quite active on social media, and you can reach out to them for help via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

They regularly upload help videos on Instagram, so it is possible to get help even before you contact customer service.

One thing to note is that even though you can reach out to them for help on social media, they will likely direct you to the support center, where you can get help much faster.

can you contact distrokid

However, they can be pretty responsive on social media, and you may be able to get a quick answer to your question if it is something simple.

DistroKid has links to their social media pages at the bottom of their website (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), so I had no problem finding their official social media pages.

What Issues Warrant Contacting Customer Support Directly?

You should contact customer support directly if you have an issue that needs to be addressed urgently or if you have already tried to get help through the support center and were not able to solve your problem.

Some issues that warrant contacting customer service directly include:

  • You never received your payout
  • Your music was never uploaded to Spotify/Apple Music
  • Your album artwork was never received
  • You are having trouble logging into your account

These are just some examples of issues that may warrant contacting customer service directly.

If you have already tried to get help through the support center and could not solve your problem, you can also contact customer service directly.

How Else Can I Get Help?

If I’m being honest, DistroKid has done quite an excellent job with their support center, and you can find a solution to almost all problems you may experience while using the service here.

contact us distrokid

There are also other ways you can get help from DistroKid. You can check out their YouTube channel, where they have several helpful videos.

There is also a forum on the website where users can ask questions and help each other out.

I also found many communities and online forums where other DistroKid users hang out.

These forums can be quite helpful as you can get first-hand accounts of how other people use the service and what problems they have experienced.

You can also find several helpful tutorials and guides on these forums. Just make sure you trust the source before following any advice.

For issues related to third-party streaming services that partner with DistroKid (such as Spotify and Apple Music), you should contact customer support for those services directly.

DistroKid does not have any control over how those services function and can only help you with issues related to uploading your music to their platform.

Another option would be to reach out to other users on social media. There are many groups and pages dedicated to music producers and musicians where you can ask for help.

I realized that many people have experienced a problem similar to what you could be experiencing and they may have already found a solution.

The people in these communities are usually quite helpful, and you may be able to find a solution to your problem much faster.

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