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How Does DistroKid Pay You? (Methods, Frequency, Time)


Now that you’ve become an artist and created your music, you’re wondering how to distribute your music.

DistroKid is a top-notch music distribution service that doesn’t take any of your royalties. However, you may not be aware of their payment system.

Before signing up, it’s good to know what DistroKid is and how their payments work.

Similar to other distribution sites, they follow strict rules to ensure that their artists are getting paid for all royalties on over 150 streaming platforms and stores.

Below, we’ve taken the time to list DistroKid’s payments and how they work. This includes information about their payment methods, timeframe, etc.

How Does DistroKid Pay You?

how much distrokid pay you

DistroKid allows users to set up their payment method from a list of acceptable payments.

This is useful as many artists want to set up instant payments to specific accounts. Below is a list of DistroKid’s acceptable forms of payment:

  • PayPal
  • ACH
  • Wire Transfer
  • eCheck
  • Paper Check

An upside to the available options is that you’re allowed to switch at any time. You will need to head to your account page. From there, you need to select a different form of payment.

Most artists like ACH or Wire, as they are more secure. However, the easiest to set up is PayPal.

When Does DistroKid Pay?

Payments are made monthly after the 14th or 18th day of the month. The payments reflect last month’s earnings that have been calculated. The earnings report reflects the sales from three months ago.

For example, if your song were to be streamed on a platform a few days ago, your account wouldn’t reflect the royalties for the music in your account.

The royalties will show up three months from now in your earnings report. Then, a month later, you will get the money available for withdrawal.

how much distrokid pay STREAM

After that, DistroKid will hold your money for one to fourteen days after selecting a payment withdrawal method.

Some methods are faster than others, but you can generally expect to wait a few days. After that, you should see the funds in your bank account.

Why Does it Take So Long?

The bottom line is that it takes a long time because no streaming service reports its earnings at the same time.

For example, if you were to stream on Spotify, your earnings report for their website may be different than YouTube. DistroKid waits until all streaming services report your royalties.

That way, you can see the reflected earnings for the past three months in your monthly earnings report. This also ensures that artists get steady money in one easy payment.

Imagine if you got the royalties on a random basis. You can expect to see payments daily on over 150 streaming platforms and online stores.

This can become a nightmare for calculating earnings and tracking potential growth.

Additionally, taxes would have to be calculated individually fees for each streaming service. No one wants to deal with that.

Do You Have to Withdraw Your Earnings?

distrokid withdrawal

You don’t have to withdraw your earnings monthly. However, it’s generally a good idea if you make a decent amount.

It’s also much easier to keep track of your money if you take it out monthly, as you will need to calculate taxes.

How to Setup Payment Withdrawals

Once your account starts making money, you will be prompted by DistroKid to select your preferred payment method.

You will find this in the bank tab of your account page. If you do not see any bank tabs, it is because you haven’t earned any money through DistroKid yet.

If you want to switch your payment method or set it up, keep reading. Here is a step-to-step guide on how you can switch or set up your payment method:

  1. Login to your DistroKid account
  2. Click on your profile icon located in the upper right of your screen.
  3. Click on Payout Method
  4. From there, input your contact information into the prompted fields.
  5. Select your payment method from the following acceptable options; PayPal, Direct Deposit/ACH, Wire Transfer, eCheck, or Check.
  6. After that, select and complete the required tax forms.

Can You Cancel a DistroKid Payment?


As long as you report the withdrawal quickly before it is processed, you can cancel it on your DistroKid bank page. Below are the steps you’ll need to take to cancel a withdrawal:

  1. Login to your DistroKid account
  2. Click on your screen’s profile icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on the bank tab, or you can go to
  4. Next, find the information box that states You requested payment via ___.
  5. From here, there will be a link that says Need to cancel this withdrawal?
  6. Click on the link, and you will get a warning asking if you want to cancel the withdrawal.
  7. Click on it to confirm that you want to cancel the payment.
  8. DistroKid will cancel the payment, and your earnings will remain in your DistroKid account.

If you do NOT see your payment, it’s the payment that has gone through. At this point, you will have to contact your relations team or contact your bank or preferred method of payment’s company.

DistroKid Payments FAQs

How often do you get paid by DistroKid?

DistroKid will provide an earnings report and payments once they process earnings from streaming services and stores. The main reason is that DistroKid distributes music to over 150 streaming services and stores.

Calculating all royalties can take time, especially if they want to be accurate. So, DistroKid sends out payments every month.

Does DistroKid pay for streams?


The answer to this question is that it depends. DistroKid doesn’t control stream payments as those are up to the streaming platforms.

Some platforms require payment while others don’t. So, it depends on the service and their agreement with DistroKid.

Does DistroKid pay you for your music?

DistroKid is one of the leading music distributors that pay you for your music. They work hard to provide clients with 100% of their earnings.

Unlike other services, they don’t take a commission, and you get to keep everything you earned.

How long do DistroKid payouts take?

Payouts for DistroKid clients are once each month as the user’s account will reflect royalties paid from three months ago. From there, users will be asked to withdraw their account’s money.

The process takes one to fourteen days from when a user submits a withdrawal request to be deposited in their account.

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Why Does DistroKid take so long to pay?

DistroKid takes a while to pay because they pay for the previous month’s streams. The problem is that the stream’s revenue isn’t calculated until the 14th or 18th of the following month.

Aside from that, royalties sometimes take up to three months to show up. So, the payment process may take a while for artists to get their money.

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