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How Much Does Tunecore Pay Per Stream? (More than You Think)


Since the launch of Tunecore in 2006, Tunecore’s independent artists worldwide have earned more than $2.5 billion in revenue from digital sales and streaming services.

This impressive figure is a testament to the company’s dedication to helping artists succeed in the ever-changing music industry.

With such a large sum of money earned by independent artists through Tunecore, one has to wonder: How much does Tunecore pay per stream?

To give you some context, let me give you a brief overview of Tunecore.

What Is Tunecore and How Does It Work?

how much get paid tunecore

Tunecore is a digital music distribution company founded in 2005 by Jeff Price and Peter Wells.

The company provides an easy and affordable way to get our music onto popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

As an independent artist, I wanted to get my music out without signing away my rights or giving away a large percentage of my royalties. Tunecore was the perfect solution for me.

Tunecore charges a flat fee for each album or EP that I distribute.

This fee includes unlimited distribution to all major streaming platforms and is renewed annually. There are no hidden charges, and I retain 100% of my royalties.

How Much Does Tunecore Pay Per Stream?

Tunecore pays artists according to the revenue generated from each stream on major streaming platforms.

Every streaming platform has a different royalty rate depending on several factors such as:

  • The country where the stream originated
  • The type of subscription the listener has (e.g. free, premium, etc.)
  • Advertising revenue generated from the stream
  • The device being used to stream (e.g. smartphone, desktop)
  • The length of the song

The royalties that Tunecore pays per stream depend on the streaming platform the song is streamed on and the artist’s region. For example, Spotify pays different royalties in the United States than in the United Kingdom.

While Tunecore does distribute earnings from streaming services to its artists, the company does not publicly disclose how much it pays per stream. However, I can tell you that the payout rates are fair and competitive.

Given that there are millions of users streaming music on these platforms every day, the revenue generated from streams adds up quickly. I am earning a steady income from my music, thanks to Tunecore.

how long tunecore TAKE PAY

When Do Tunecore Artists Get Paid?

TuneCore receives, processes, and pays royalties on the 45th day after the end of each calendar quarter.

For example, if a song is streamed on Spotify in January, the artist will receive royalties for that stream on the 45th day after March 31st, which is May 15th.

This is because streaming services report their streaming activity to Tunecore quarterly.

Check out this visual representation of Tunecore’s payout schedule:

  • First Quarter  ( between  1st January – 31st March): Payment  on 15th  May
  • Second  Quarter (between 1st April-  30th June ): Payment on 15th  August
  • Third  Quarter  (between 1st July- 30 September ): Payment  on 15th  November
  • Fourth Quarter  (between 1st October- 31 December): Payment  on 15th  February of the following year.

Note: If the 45th day falls on a weekend or holiday, Tunecore will issue payments on the next business day.

We track our song streaming activity and earnings in real-time through the TuneCore Artist Dashboard. This lets us stay on top of our royalties and see which songs are streamed the most.

How Long Does It Take To Earn The First Royalty Payment?

It usually takes about 9-12 months after an artist signs up with Tunecore before they start seeing any royalties. Registering songs, adding them to streaming platforms, and generating streams takes time.

While this may seem a long time, it’s pretty standard in the music industry. It can take a year or more for an artist to start seeing any royalties from record labels.

The key is to be patient, keep writing and recording new music, and promote the songs to generate more streams. The more popular the songs become, the more royalties are earned.

Once I started seeing royalties come in, they have continued to come in every quarter as long as my songs are being streamed.

I kept writing and releasing new music until I eventually started receiving a steady income from my songs.

how often tunecore pay

How Can I Maximize My Earnings With Tunecore Streaming Royalties?

There are a few things I do to maximize my earnings with Tunecore. These include:

  • Uploading High-quality, Mastered Tracks Onto Tunecore. This ensures that my songs sound best when streamed on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.
  • Regularly Updating My Artist Bio, Photos, and Social Media Links on Tunecore. This helps me connect with new fans and grow my fanbase.
  • Creating Attractive and Keyword-rich Song Descriptions. This helps my songs get found when people are searching for new music to listen to.
  • Promoting My Music on Social Media and Other Online Platforms. This helps increase the number of streams and downloads I get, increasing my earnings.
  • Distributing as Many Tracks as Possible To Maximize My Earnings Potential. Initially, I was only distributing my original songs through Tunecore. I soon realized I was leaving a lot of money on the table by not uploading my covers and live versions of songs.

Since I was already paying the annual fee for unlimited song distribution, there was no reason not to upload as much music as possible.

The more songs I had on streaming platforms, the more chances I had of being played and earning royalties.

What are the Steps for Withdrawing my Money from Tunecore?

tunecore payout METHOD

Tunecore makes it easy to withdraw earnings from streams and downloads. The company partnered with Payoneer, a global payment service provider, to issue payments to artists.

With Payoneer, you can send your earnings to a local bank account, PayPal account, or request a prepaid Mastercard.

To withdraw my earnings, I first log in to my Tunecore account. I then go to the account menu and click on the “Withdraw Money” button.

On the next page, I select Payoneer as my withdrawal method and sign up. I enter the amount of money I want to withdraw.

I then click on the “Withdraw” button and wait for the funds to be transferred to my account. The entire process usually takes a few business days.

Why Do Some Tunecore Payments Take Longer Than Others?

While Tunecore pays out royalties on the 45th day after each calendar quarter, some payments may take longer to process due to several factors.

These include:

  • The time taken by streaming platforms to report their activity to Tunecore
  • Verification and validation of the streaming data by Tunecore
  • Time taken by Payoneer to transfer the payment to your account

Whenever I’m concerned about a delayed payment, I reach out to Tunecore’s Artist Support team. The company’s customer service team is quick to respond and help me resolve any issues I’m having.

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Is There a Minimum Payment Threshold for Tunecore?

The minimum payment threshold for Tunecore varies depending on the country you’re located in and the payment method you’re using.

For example, the minimum payment threshold on PayPal accounts is $1.00. You won’t receive payment until your earnings reach $1.00, and you can cover the transaction fees.

The minimum threshold for paper check payments in the United States is $10.00. If your earnings are less than $10, they will be carried over to the next quarter.

You can find the minimum payment threshold for your country and payment method by logging into your Tunecore account and going to the “Withdraw Money” page.

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