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Landr Mastering Review: Still the GOAT of Mastering?

landr mastering review

Mastering your mixed song can take it to the next level. You can accentuate and amplify the right frequencies and quickly filter out any harsh noise from your music. This is the final stage before releasing the music to your fans.

This is where you have to make a choice between choosing a mastering pro engineer or using a powerful mastering tool, such as LANDR. LANDR is a brilliant mastering tool that brings the best of AI-driven strategies and human-designed algorithms at your fingertips.

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What Is LANDR Mastering Tool?

landr mastering prices

When you need to want to finalize your music file and add the final touches, you need to rely on mastering to save the day. LANDR is an online and cloud-based mastering engine that relies on the use of artificial intelligence to help with a modern mastering experience. It was developed in 2012 by MixGenius in Montreal, Canada.

Now, this brilliant mastering tool is at the forefront of the online mastering market.

One of the main advantages of using this amazing mastering tool is quick and easily available mastering options and capabilities to musicians. You do not need any expertise to operate this tool, and you can get started right away after downloading your version.

The tool evolved over eight years with the help of hundreds of mastering professionals and pre-mastered tracks for training the AI algorithms. It is an all-rounder mastering tool for musicians from different genres.

Another amazing benefit of the LANDR mastering tool is that it provides a cheaper alternative compared to human mastering professionals and engineers. There are times when hiring a professional mastering engineer is not financially viable, and musicians have to take care of mastering the soundtrack themselves.

Therefore, they can use the LANDR mastering tool to quickly get started with their mastering process without having to spend an entire fortune. This is why this mastering tool is perfect for independent artists who require professional mastering services at their fingertips without stretching their financial budgets.

What Are The Main Features and Benefits of LANDR Mastering Tool?

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There are hundreds of different AI-based mastering tools available in the market right now. The massive increase in the demand for cloud-based and artificially intelligent mastering tools is higher than ever. LANDR is yet another amazing outcome of this demand, and it brings hundreds of different benefits to the table.

Let’s explore these benefits and main features in detail better to understand the functioning of the LANDR mastering tool. These features and benefits will help you understand why LANDR remains dominant in the market.

Intuitively Designed and Easy-to-Use

One of the elemental features of LANDR mastering tools is that it is simple and easy to use. The core features and menu options are intuitively designed and simple enough for beginners and amateurs without any technical background. Therefore, anyone can download the tool and get started as quickly as possible with mastering their music.

You do not have to get worried about facing a complex menu layout or feature palette for this tool. You can drag and drop the raw music files into the main window and get started with the mastering process as soon as possible. This tool comes with an adaptive mastering engine with an artificial algorithm driving the core features.

Therefore, you only need to drag and drop your music files into the main menu, and the tool will automatically suggest different options for your mastering process.

Furthermore, you do not have to worry about facing any complex advanced processes or features. Even the most advanced features are laid out in an intuitive manner so that you can quickly understand them and apply them to your music files.

Therefore, once you are done with the basic mastering process, you can also move on to the advanced mastering process and quickly master your music files as desired. If you want more, you can also get support from online forums and other enthusiasts within a few minutes.

Bulk Mastering Processes

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Bid farewell to waiting for a single music file before you can upload the next one. LANDR mastering tool allows you the opportunity to bulk upload multiple music files and master them simultaneously.

Therefore, you can even master an entire album within a few minutes. You can drag and drop multiple music files on the main screen and get started.

One key benefit of the bulk mastering process is that you can apply the same mastering algorithms and features to your entire album without having to take care of individual music files in an excruciatingly slow manner.

Therefore, you can quickly upload the entire album for mastering and apply the same features to every track with the push of a button. If you want something more, you can also master different tracks simultaneously and download all the songs once you are done. This way, you can apply custom and universal mastering features to your album without any issues.

Cloud Backup and Online Integration

Do you want to lose your masterpieces and mastered music files in case of a crisis? If no, you will be happy to know that the LANDR mastering tool offers an instant cloud backup and music workflow integration. Therefore, you can keep your music safe and secure with the help of an encrypted online cloud backup.

Moreover, you can also enjoy music workflow integration, and all your output music files will be automatically mastered by the AI algorithm in your absence.

Whether you want to use the mobile application or the desktop application, all your raw music files and mastered outcomes will be secured in an online cloud backup. This way, you can access your previous masterpieces and keep them safe in a singular place.

landr mastering styles

Moreover, this online cloud backup is protected with the help of the latest encryption protocols, therefore offering the highest security options at your fingertips.

If you want to use the music workflow integrations, you should know that you can download your digitally mastered audio files in the LANDR bounce folder. Once you are done exporting all your music files to this folder, the AI algorithm will run in the background and automatically master all your output files.

This way, you will not have to spend any time mastering your tracks, and the AI algorithm will offer you multiple mastered outputs for your music files.

Multiple Formats for Mastered Music Files

Do you want to enjoy multiple formats while mastering your audio files? If the answer is yes, the LANDR mastering tool is ideal for your requirements. This tool does not stick to the “one size fits all” strategy, and you can enjoy three different formats with this tool.

Here are the three different mastering formats and pre-defined mastering template you can enjoy for your music files:

  • Warm: If you want a thick and smooth mastering option for your music files with a vintage touch, this is the best option that you can enjoy. It offers smoothness and retro warmth at your fingertips.
  • Balanced: If you want to focus primarily on the clarity and balance of your mastered output files, this format is perfect for you. You can enjoy a well-balanced mastered music file with clear tones, note, and lyrics.
  • Open: If you want to enjoy a rather modern approach towards your mastering techniques, this format will offer edgy and punchy outcomes. You can get the latest mastering options with this format.

Well-Balanced Playback Volume Matching

Are you tired of the discrepancies between your raw music file and the output file? LANDR mastering tool is here to offer you the best volume matching features with ease. You can use this feature for playback, and it will allow you to conduct multiple tests between the mastered version and the raw music file.

This way, you can enjoy a volume matching for both the files and compare quality with different versions. Therefore, you can listen to different mastered versions of your file and decide on the best one for yourself.

The A/B volume matching test allows you to compare multiple files at the same time. This way, you can master your music files in various formats and listen to them at the same time to see the best one. You can stay neutral and listen to different files to choose the best one for your fans.

Therefore, you will only offer premium quality music to your fans.

Personalized Mastering Preferences

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If you are exhausted from setting the mastering preferences every time you use the tool, the LANDR mastering tool is here to save the day. You can quickly set different mastering preferences for your music files and save them for later.

This way, you can access your mastering preferences and apply them to future music files without having to go through the process again. Therefore, you can save time and maximize efficiency with this mastering tool.

A key benefit of this feature is that your tool will remember what you like the most. Even if you forget your mastering preferences for your favorite soundtracks, you can access them from the tool and use them for your future music files. Therefore, you can keep track of your preferred mastering styles and utilize them in the future.

Hundreds of Sample Options

Who doesn’t love good samples when it comes to mastering your masterpiece? If you are running blank on your mastering choices, you can listen to hundreds of different samples and collections from various artists, ranging from jazz to hip hop genres. These samples will help kick in innovation and get you started with mastering your music file.

Moreover, you can also browse through the different samples according to the genre. This means that you do not have to listen to hundreds of different sample files to make up your mind. You can choose your favorite genre and get started by listening to beautiful samples from different artists.

How Does LANDR Mastering Tool Work?

LANDR mastering tool is fairly straight-forward and intuitive to use. The LANDR mastering tool is designed for professionals as well as amateur musicians. However, you need to ensure to leave enough headspace in your soundtrack to enjoy excellent mastering services with this tool.

This way, you will be able to exercise the LANDR mastering tool to its maximum potential.

Getting Started

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How does the tool work? Firstly, you need to ensure to leave about -6Db space on your master fader. This will allow you to create enough headroom to apply different mastering preferences and styles to get the best outcome.

Before getting started, you should also get rid of the ideology that louder is better.

If you want the best possible mastered outcomes, you need to ensure that you are submitting a high-quality file format. This means that you need to submit a WAV or AIFF music file to the tool. This way, you can avoid any loss during the mastering processes.

The best file formats yield the best results.

Applying Preferences and Features

You should also make sure that you apply the 24-bit resolution at all times. Therefore, you should not try to maximize or minimize the resolution of your music files.

Similarly, you should also let the mastering tool decide whether or not it can export a 32-bit file as your mastered music file. If you try to change this value by yourself, you will end up damaging the quality of your music file.

Once you have uploaded the best file format, you can choose whatever mastering preference you want. You can choose from warm, balanced, or open mastering formats according to your preferences. Some of these options are only available for advanced or pro plans.

Finishing The Mastering Process

Now that you have set the right mastering preference, the rest of the process is simple. You can add multiple files to the main screen to apply the selected preferences to your entire album. Once you are done with mastering, you can export the files to your desktop and publish them as you desire.

Why Should You Choose LANDR Mastering Tool?

landr mastering online

Since there are hundreds of different options in the market, you must be wondering why you should use this mastering tool instead of competitors. For starters, the LANDR mastering tool offers you the bulk upload option. Therefore, you can quickly master your entire album together without having to master individual files.

Another amazing benefit missing from other competitors is that the LANDR mastering tool allows you to share your music files right from the application quickly. With other tools, you have to download the file to your desktop before sharing it with your fans.

Therefore, you can use the LANDR mastering tool to master and share your music files without any obstacles quickly.

What Are the Different Prices and Plans for LANDR Mastering Tool?

LANDR mastering tool comes with a confusing payment plan. Firstly, there are two basic plans; annually and monthly. Once you have chosen a basic payment plan, you will have to choose from three subscription options:

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Pro

Basic Subscription Plan

If you decide to go with the monthly basic plan, you will have to pay $4 per month for the basic subscription plan. On the other hand, you will have to pay $48 per year if you choose the annual option.

This subscription plan allows you to download unlimited mastered outcome files in low-resolution MP3 format. If you want to download your music files in a high-quality format, you will have to pay an additional amount other than the basic price for the subscription plan.

Advanced Subscription Plan

landr mastering pricing

If you decide to go with the monthly basic plan, you will have to pay $9 per month for this subscription option. On the other hand, you will have to pay $108 a year with the annual basic plan for this option.

You can download low-resolution MP3 files or high-resolution MP3 files with this plan. However, if you want to download high-quality WAV files, you will have to pay an additional price other than the cost of this plan.

Pro Subscription Plan

If you choose the monthly basic plan, it will cost you $25 a month for this option. In contrast, you will have to pay $299 a year if your basic plan is the annual plan.

This is the gold standard plan as described by the founder of the LANDR mastering tool. You can enjoy unlimited downloads in high-quality formats, such as WAV, etc. This is for professional mastering engineers who want to ease their burden by taking help from an artificially intelligent mastering tool.

What Are the Pros and Cons of LANDR Mastering Tool?

Here are the pros of using LANDR mastering tool:

  • Multiple File Formats
  • Cheaper Than Hiring a Human Mastering Engineer
  • Hundreds of Different Samples for Different Genres
  • Remembers Your Mastering Preferences
  • Allows You to Master an Entire Album
  • Instant AI Mastering
  • Multiple Platform Integrations

Here are the cons of using LANDR mastering tool:

  • Complex Pricing System
  • Lack of Human Touch
  • May Be Expensive for Some Musicians
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If you are looking for a versatile and flexible mastering tool, LANDR should do the job. While there are hundreds of different options in the market, this tool stands out by offering you the bulk upload option. You can master tons of songs together without having to upload single tracks and mastering them one-by-one.

Therefore, this tool is ideal for professionals as well as amateur musicians.

The pricing system may be a little complex, but the outcome is worth it. You can enjoy multiple platform integrations, file formats and share your music files right from the desktop application.

This way, you can avoid having to go through the process of downloading and uploading your files. This is a well-rounded mastering tool that will easily fulfill all your requirements.

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