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Landr Distribution Review: Good Option to Share Your Music?

Landr review

Getting enough audience to listen to your music is usually a struggle, especially for beginners. You could try sites like YouTube, but you first have to invest in several subscribers to reach a bigger audience.

However, in this era of online music streaming, getting enough audience and reaching them can be made easier by investing in the right music distribution platform.

One of the most used sites is Landr which takes care of independent music creators and those willing to venture into professional music.

This article will, therefore, look at Landr, its key features and plans, and see whether it is worth it or not. Let’s get started on this Landr distribution review.

What is Landr?

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Landr is an online music release and distribution site that allows music creators to share their content and reach a broader audience.

It caters for all your distribution needs and gets your music on different platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, and all the other lucrative music streaming and downloading sites.

Landr, therefore, offers you reach to a larger fan base and allows you to keep tabs on your success thanks to its enormous database.

Consequently, it simplifies the musicians’ work by handling the rest. Just by paying an annual fee, one can release as many songs as they please, and this platform will handle the rest.

Key features

Landr has several features that make it stand out from the rest. These are:

  • Distribution- This is the main feature that dictates this online platform. Landr allows different artists to upload their tracks, after which they distribute the music to different channels to reach a broader audience.
    Your music will therefore be on iTunes, Spotify, Boomplay among other platforms.
  • Promotion- The thing is Landr is packed with some of the best promotional tools to help you release your music effortlessly, giving you a professional marketing platform for all your releases.
    You can get promotional links to your music, which will give your fans a chance to not only access your music but also get updated on your new releases on different online platforms.
    In case you need to know how your music is performing in terms of audience reach, you can make use of the links statistics to gauge the traffic.
  • Samples- Landr offers you a chance to see and enjoy projects from other music producers. You can also collaborate with the ones you fancy their work so that you come up with a unique track under your name.
    You do not pay for the samples offered because they are free upon paying your annual fee. Is it legal? Yes, it is legal.
    Landr has the authorization by the other music producers to share their samples. For most companies, getting free samples to use usually is challenging.
    As a music producer or creator, you are most certainly aware of copyright infringement.
    Therefore, for most music distributors, while using samples to work on your projects, you have to seek clearance from the original producers lest you face the law for copyright issues, which you should avoid.
    This is what makes Landr a totally different avenue.
  • Soundcloud feature- Landr allows users to link and share their music directly to their SoundCloud accounts. This is an excellent feature since most platforms do not accommodate it.
    You must be imagining that you have to pay extra for this service, which is not true. This feature is absolutely free.
    To make it even better, your music is optimized after being shared to SoundCloud. How amazing?
  • Academy- Now, Landr does more than just music distribution. It even has an academy that teaches artists certain skills that are essential to their music careers. This is more than other sites can offer.
    The academy is even more helpful to beginners who will learn more about music promotion, mastering their tracks, and mixing.
  • Collaboration- Landr allows you to make your work accessible to other music creators and artists, which is quite vital for feedback.
    Through this feature, you can quickly adjust your work and become a master of your world. Collaboration also furnishes you with serious opinions before you release your music, which will go along way to improve your craft.
  • Desktop feature- Lastly, this online music platform allows users to download a desktop app, which is pretty convenient. You can finish up working on your track on your computer and upload it at the comfort of your desktop.

This app can also be easily used with production software, giving music producers an easy time. What makes it even better is the fact that this desktop app is free.

music distribution platform

What to expect from Landr?

When using Landr, you can expect that you will be exposed to a variety of super-helpful tools. You will get to share your music with your friends and other artists and, in return, gain access to a broader audience.

In case of any queries, they have pretty helpful customer support that is on your beck and call.

You might, however, have quite some challenge getting the hang of it when starting. All in all, you will not be disappointed.

How to upload your music on Landr?

Here is a step to step guide on uploading your track to Landr

  • Log in to the web app
  • Click on the Library tab, which will give you access to your track library.
  • Click the master button, which is found on the top left corner to reveal a drop-down list of all the available mastering options.
  • If you are mastering an individual track, click on tracks, then select your file from the computer and open.

Another simple way is dragging and dropping where you place the track in your library to begin the mastering and upload process.

Price and plans

Landr price and plans

Landr has quite a number of plans depending on your production scope and wants. You can either have a monthly subscription or an annual subscription. There are two options, which are Master and release and release only. Let’s have a look:

Master and release

For master and release, we have the basic, advanced, and pro plans.


The basic plan is the cheapest and is associated with quick and compressed tracks. It is billed at $4 monthly. It offers you unlimited distribution and LO-MP3. HI-MP3 is, however, charged at $4.99, WAV at $ 17.99, and HD WAV at $17.99.


The advanced plan stands at $9 monthly. It offers unlimited distribution, LO-MP3, and HI-Mp3. However, for WAV, you will part with $6.99 and $17.99 for HD WAV. The mastering features that come with the advanced plan are style, volume match, and mastering preferences.


The Pro plan offers gold standard and is priced at $25 monthly. Everything is unlimited with this plan. Pro also provides the same mastering plans as the Advance mode.

Release only

For release only, the plans are offered in the number of tracks. Ten tracks are charged at $12 yearly, 30 tracks, which is for high-volume creators, is charged at $24 annually, and unlimited tracks charged at $48 annually.

Have in mind that all these plans provide all the features that we talked about.

LANDR music distributors

Landr Pros

Landr distribution site has several advantages. These are:

  • It allows music creators access to samples at no extra cost. One can emulate the work of other music producers to better his or her craft. These samples are also free, which attracts no additional charge.
  • Landr also allows users access to a large number of digital streaming platforms. Your music will, therefore, reach several sites such as Deezer, iTunes, Spotify, and all the other platforms you can think about to widen your audience.
    You can even share your music with Sound Cloud, which several streaming platforms do not cater for.
  • It has a desktop app, which is pretty convenient. One can, therefore, easily upload music starting from different desktop software without having to transfer it across several devices.
    The fact that this site offers a desktop app also allows quick access to several producers.
  • Zero commission- Unlike other music distributors, Landr has a zero-commission policy that allows you to keep all your proceeds. All you need to do is pay the annual fee, and you are done with the costs.
  • Landr offers a variety of playlist pluggers, which is quite resourceful.
  • Customer service- One of the most frustrating things in the world is unresponsive customer service. Landr has an accessible and helpful customer service that is willing to listen to all your issues.

Landr Cons

Some of the disadvantages are:

  • Landr lacks publishing administration.
  • It has a somewhat confusing pricing plan. The plan is not clearly stated.
  • For beginners, it is quite challenging to learn faster on Landr.
  • It does not provide cover song licensing.


Landr is a super-helpful music distribution platform. It is also cheap and pretty convenient, which gives it an edge over other platforms. Coupled up with its numerous tools, this platform is every music creator’s ally.

I would, therefore, recommend it to those who are starting on music, who usually have a hard time getting their music out there since this platform offers access to a variety of sites. Is it worth it? Yes. Totally.

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