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Level Music Review: What They Don’t Tell You About It


One of the main challenges music producers and creators face is putting their music out there for their audiences. It is even worse for beginners. However, before you give up and call it quits, let’s have a discussion.

In this era of online music streaming platforms, reaching your audience should not be that hard. The drill is to settle for a reliable site to help push your music stream.

As a beginner, you need to reach a wider audience, since success in music is all about the fan base. One of the sites that you can use to distribute your music is Level. This article will, therefore, look at what it is, its features, the price and plans, and whether it is worth your time and investment.

Let’s get started on this level review.

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What is Level?

level review music

Level is an online music distribution service that serves independent music creators. It, therefore, has a range of technology and tools that help artists not only to work on their music but also to get it to their audience and reach a broader fan base.

Level is owned by Radar Music Ltd, which is under the legendary Warner Music Company. It has invested in several creatives and labels whose main aim is to redefine the music world and create a future for upcoming generations of musicians.

Key features

Level has a number of features that make it different from other platforms. These are:

i) Distribution- One of the most prominent features of Level is music distribution, which is usually a challenging aspect for beginner independent music creators. Through Level, one can get his or her music on different streaming sites such as iTunes, Spotify, and Deezer.

The good thing with this platform is that it works without contracts, giving you will full access to the rights and royalties from your music.

ii) Wide reach- Level serves independent artists from all over the world, and therefore, you can be sure that your music will have an extensive range. Once you have uploaded a track and processed it for release, fans from all over the world can have access to your music.

This online distribution service works with all the streaming platforms to get your music out there. Just think of any major streaming platform, it is right there on Level. By reaching a wider audience, you grow your fan base, which is a plus for your career.

iii) Support- Level offers top support to artists thanks to their fast and reliable customer service. All your queries will be answered and assistance provided by their ever-available customer service.

In case you have issues like with your releases, payments, and withdrawals, you do not have to worry.

iv) User friendly- Level has a user-friendly interface to help break down everything for its users. It is not bulky or complicated. You get a simple landing page and a video with no extra technicalities. It is a site that even beginners will enjoy.

v) Easy withdrawal- After all is done and your music is out there, as an artist, you need to start earning. Level ensures that you have an easy time accessing your funds. You can link your PayPal account to your user profile in just a few steps and withdraw your royalties and revenue with ease.

You, therefore, need to get yourself a functional PayPal account, preferably verified, and link it to your account. To withdraw your earnings, go to the Sales and payment section, which has a Withdraw your Income sub-section. From this, you can see your available balance. Just enter your password and authorize the withdrawal.

vi) Data access- As a music creator, you need to know how your music is doing out there. You should, therefore, have access to traffic and fan data. Level offers meaningful data to users, which helps them keep track of their music performance.

level music distribution review

You can, therefore, see the location of your fans and the number of times your music has been played. One of the vital analytics this site offers is release analytics, which helps you not only to track but also to understand your fan base.

vii) Release streamlining- Level offers release streamlining, which allows users to share their smart release page with fans to enable them to listen to their music on streaming sites of their choice. How convenient?

viii) Simple release uploads- Finally, releasing your music with Level is one of the easiest things you will ever experience in your life. This makes it even better for busy people since the support team takes care of everything after you release your tracks.

What to expect

Level is a pretty good online distribution platform, and therefore when you choose it, you should expect a worthy experience. It has a user-friendly platform that is resourceful for beginners, and therefore you will not have problems navigating through. It’s resourceful customer resource also makes the experience worth it.

How to upload your music with Level

Here is a mini step to step guide on how to upload your music on Level:

i) Click the blue button named Start your new release.

ii) You can then drop your file on the blue box or navigate to the top after clicking the blue box.

iii) For people with more than one audio file, you will upload each one separately.

iv) Scroll down to track details where you will be given a chance to enter the track name and that of the artist. If your phone is a cover, do not forget to indicate.

v) Scroll down to the track details page and click the blue box to insert your cover art image. Select the genre and the language of the track too.

vi) Scroll down to the release date and the stored delivery section and choose instant or future release on a specified period.

vii) Click next to review your track, and once you are convinced, click submit.

viii) Make sure also that your audio is in the right format. If there is a problem with it, be sure that Rebel will contact you with details.

Price and plans

level release music

Level has two plans based on your needs as an artist. These are the free and premium plans:

Free Plan

For the free plan, you do not pay anything. It, however, covers only one artist and a maximum of free tracks. You are then given access to release analytics and smart release pages, which you can share with your fans so that they access your music in their favorite streaming platforms.

Premium plan

For the premium plan, you only part with $20 annually. It, however, has several benefits, which include coverage of up to five artists. You, therefore, get to release 200 tracks. You also get production credits and catalog transfer. If you want to produce a large volume of music, the premium plan will serve you just right. It also has several advantages.


Level distribution site has many advantages that the users get to enjoy. These are:

i) It provides a broader audience reach- Level works with several online music platforms, which ensures that your music reaches a broad audience. You can also build a huge fan base from this exposure.

Level can also be accessed by independent music producers and creators from all over the world, and you can, therefore, be sure that your music is guaranteed such exposure. It also offers you a chance to specify the countries you would like to see your music if you are producing for a specific audience.

ii) Simple user interface- Level’s simple user interface makes it simple to use. It has nothing complicated, and navigating your way through as a beginner is easy. The simple user interface also offers you a comfortable time uploading your track.

iii) It has a free plan for those who may not have the money to get the premium plan. You are still offered data analytics from the free plan to see how your music is fairing on, which is a good deal. You also earn royalties from this plan.

iv) Level has cooperative customer support. You can, therefore, ask all your queries and bank on the customer support to reply and offer the level of assistance needed. Issues with payments, withdrawals, and music release can easily be solved.

v) With Level, music creators have 100% rights to their royalties and rights. The platform, therefore, takes zero percentage of your earnings even for the free plan. Your tracks cannot also be used without your authorization, which helps in copyright protection.


Level also has a fair number of disadvantages. These are:

i) Limited plans- Level only offers the free and premium plans which may not capture all music creators’ needs. Even the premium plan limits one to only two hundred tracks.

ii) In as much as level offers 100% ownership of rights and revenues, it has a pretty shaky right and royalties clause.

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Level has its number of advantages and features that make it useful for music creators. It offers a worldwide reach and an utterly user-friendly platform. It also has a free plan for those who might not be able to raise the annual fee.

This site is, therefore, quite useful for independent music creators who are looking for a broad fan base thanks to its worldwide reach. I would, therefore, advise that you try it out and see for yourself.

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