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Record Union Review: Is It a Reliable Music Distribution Tool?

record union

Music distribution is key to linking your music with success. Digital music distributors have redefined music distribution. They make it possible for independent artists and those who are kick-starting their careers to achieve their dreams.

Digital distribution has made it simple for upcoming talented artists, DJs, singers, and even those who have made it to sell their music on the most popular music platforms such as iTunes and Spotify. Many artists attribute their success stories to digital music distribution.

The digital music distribution you sign up for as an artist has the power to shape your career, depending on how many music platforms they can distribute your music to. Therefore, it’s vital to choose only the best.

What are we talking about? The Record Union music distribution platform is the way to go. We have prepared a comprehensive Record Union review to brief you on everything you need to know. You are at the right place to have all your questions regarding this distribution platform answered.

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music distribution

Music distribution for independent budding artists (Source)

What is Record Union?

Record Union is a digital distribution music platform with a mission to liberate music. The platform supports budding and independent musicians to take charge of their careers by distributing their music to global online music services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, eMusic, Xbox, and many more.

The distribution platform was founded in 2008 by a group of 30 musicians, producers, DJs, and singers from different nationalities. Their goal is creating opportunities for artists to benefit from making music. The vision of Record Union music is to enable and support every artist to achieve their full potential.

Key Features of Music Distribution


Record Union does the hard work of distributing music, art, and any content to platforms such as YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, eMusic, Juno Download, Anghami, Shazam, Beatport, Napster, and more. Record Union gets your music on all major platforms, which enables you to reach millions of fans.

Extensive Exposure

Record Union distribution platform is in collaboration with all the major online music platforms you can name. Do you dream of promoting your content on iTunes or Spotify?

Record Union distributes music to over a hundred online music platforms and others such as Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok! New platforms are added every once in a while, too.

Fast and Simple Distribution

Record Union distribution promises to get your music on all major online music platforms within 3-7 days after uploading. The speed depends on submissions on the week and adherence to the quality required by the platform.

Once your content has been approved to meet the quality standards and format required, you are good to go. Your music will be available on all digital music services in the world.

Career-boosting Opportunities

Apart from digital distribution, Record Union also aims to help you as an artist and develop your career. For instance, the Record Union has the pleasure of pitching new music to Spotify every week.

Spotify then chooses unsigned music artists to feature on their special playlist. This is an excellent opportunity for a budding artist to get exposure to listeners all over the world.

Also, Record Union brings to the spotlight new music from independent artists every Friday. It is a priceless opportunity for an independent artist to be seen and recognized for great work.

Exclusive Offers

Record Union music is the only distribution platform that gives you global distribution and professional mastering. Record Union members have the advantage of having their tracks mastered at the sage studio at a discount. You can also have access to cover art at a cover art factory before releasing your music to the world.

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Boost your music career as an independent artist with digital music distribution. (Source)

Powerful Reporting Statistics

Record Union allows you to keep track of your music once uploaded and distributed to different significant platforms. You can track the downloads and streams all over the world from your computer.

You can also get to know your fans and what they like about the music. Record Union gives artists access to simplified statistics that are easy to comprehend.

Supportive Customer Care

If you are trying to find your way around the services offered by Record Union, their customer care is a great place to start. Record Union has a supportive customer care service that is ready to assist. You can contact them 24/7, and you will be helped with whatever issue concerning distribution, signing up, artists promotion, membership, you name it!

Low Renewal Fees

Record Union charge a reasonably small annual renewal fee compared to other platforms. What’s more, you can fail to make the renewal fee and retain your music on the music services at no expense. You will not receive any royalties from the downloads and streams, but the popularity is something to go with.

A&R Program

We love that Record Union allows its members to recruit artists for a commission once they are signed up for their A&R program. For every artist you bring onboard, you are paid up to 7.5% of their album sales. The artists are also given one free release and UPC codes. It is a win-win for everyone.

Security Features

Record Union has input security measures to protect your content from free downloads that would deny you royalties. The distributing platform expects the artist to input a UPC code, which is a virtual signature to your content. UPC and ISRC codes are attached to every release on the distribution platform.

What to Expect From Record Union?

Record Union is a Spotify-preferred partner. You will get countless opportunities to enhance your music career, especially if you are an independent or budding artist. Record Union pitches new clients to Spotify for a chance to be featured in their team’s selection of unsigned musicians who are killing it.

There are also great opportunities to get acknowledged for your music as an independent artist, such as the independent music Friday. The distribution platform also partners with Sony music to have artists heard and exposed to numerous opportunities.

Record Union music releases your music according to your plan. If you select the “as soon as always” option, Record Union will have your music on all partnering options as soon as they can.

A rough estimate of this is between 5-8 working days. If you set a release date, you will have to wait for even two weeks for your content to be released. Some users have expressed negative reviews of the release dates.

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Digital music indie distribution at your fingertips. (Source)

How to Upload Your Music on Record Union

Distributing your music on such a platform may be daunting, but not on Record Union. Here is a step by step guide on how to release your content.

  1. Log in to the platform using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to releases and select distribute new music.
  3. Enter the title of the track, the version (optional), and the genre closest to your song.
  4. Enter a UPC code. If you do not have one, check the box below it, and a UPC code will be generated for you.
  5. Select the release date you would like.
  6. Select the region your music is to be released to.
  7. Add a cover art that suits your track. You must have copyrights to it. It should only contain the artist’s name and cover art.
  8. Navigate to tracks and upload a single, ep, or album
  9. Finally, add the stores to release to and click on continue to proceed to payment.

Price and Plans

The price for distribution varies depending on how many tracks you are uploading. The number of platforms you want your music to be available also dictates the cost. However, we love that Record Union has a pricing plan for every artist out there. There are three pricing plans in Record Union:

1. Build Your Own

This plan allows you as an artist to choose one digital platform where your music will be distributed. You can add other platforms for $2 per year. The prices are $7 for a single, $10 for an EP, and $13 for an album.

2. Top Dog

Top dog plans allow an artist 4 online distribution platforms. You can also add more services for $2 per year. The pricing plan starts at $10 for a single, $13 for an EP, and $16 for an album.

3. World Domination

The final plan allows the artist the luxury of having their music distributed to all partnering music services. For a higher price, of course! A single starts at $15, an EP for $ 20, and an album for $25.

If you are struggling to understand the kind of release we are talking about, a single entails 1-2 tracks, an EP 3-5 tracks, and a record 6-12 tracks. If your release contains more than 12 tracks, Record Union still got you! You can upload your release for $1.5 per additional track.

Every pricing plan is renewed annually. The renewal fee is, however, very affordable, going for $10.


  • Variety of pricing plans for all artists
  • Relatively low renewal fees
  • Wide-exposure for budding and independent artists


  • The free first release is only for those with a referral or invites code.
  • Their user interface is terrible.
  • There are many hidden costs.

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Who is Record Union for? If you are an upcoming and independent artist who is worried about finances but looking for a quality and reliable distribution platform, Record Union is the way to go. The price and plans start as low as $7, which is reasonably affordable.

It also has incentives and offers that help every budding artist to achieve what they thought was impossible. Is Record Union is worth your time and money? Yes, it is!

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