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Soundrop Review: Is it Really Worth It?


Do you want to earn from producing cover songs? Looking for a music distributor? Well, we have the information that you need to make that choice..

In light of the current surge in individuals who are talented and gifted in music, information must be availed on other means by which they can distribute their music. Music distribution companies have come in handy in availing helping artists distribute their music.

The distribution companies provide the much needed licensing of the cover songs, which provides a means for them to own the music they produce. The licensing allows the artist to be able to distribute their cover songs to some of the world’s most popular music platforms.

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What is Soundrop?

soundrop music distribution

Soundrop is a music distribution company that allows users to listen to the tunes of their choice while creating a platform for cover singers and songwriters to sell their content.

The company was founded in 2011 and is very useful for YouTube artists, songwriters and the cover bands. It allows the artists to connect with viewers and YouTube users who in turn can stream and download their music.

This platform is convenient for creative musicians who may not have enough finances the ability and opportunity to earn from it.

Key Features of Soundrop

Licensing of cover song and distribution

soundrop music

The music distribution company offers licensing for the music that you produce or create. The song owner or producer needs to categorize and specify whether the song that they are submitting for distribution is a cover, a public domain song or an original.  Soundrop readily avails and gives mechanical licenses for the cover songs because of the nature of the partnership that they share with CD Baby and Landr.

For you to get this license, you will need to give $9.99 and then wait for about 14 days for it to be processed. Once it is processed, you will have to provide an additional 2 – 5 days for delivery to the stores. You can try and submit then set the dates of release to about four weeks after the submission.

Before you submit the song, you first provide both the name of the artist and the name of the original song for your cover.

Payout to Artists

The emphasis by Soundrop on payment splitting makes this music distribution company more desired. Payment splitting makes the payment plan to the artist much easier as compared to the other platforms that do not have this feature.

The amounts that are payable by the distribution company to the artists starts at a minimum of $20. The process of payment is not yet automated; hence it requires you as the artist to write a mail to the company advising them to start the payment splitting for every release.

PayPal and bank checks are the payment options for Soundrop.

Customer support

The distribution company provides the artists and users with a section where they can be able to answer any questions that form the users and artists. The FAQ section is a very shallow way of dealing with customers issues since this is as far as the company goes when it comes to customer support.

The available platforms where the users can be able to get their needs catered for is through the mails, whose responding time can be a couple of days. Soundrop does not avail any phone call services or even the live chat options that a user can use to get their needs resolved.

Easy to Use

The platform that is provided by Soundrop is very easy to use and navigate through. The site may be limited in the offering of the new features, yet the site’s simplicity makes it very desirable.

Access to

soundrop support

Soundrop gives the members access to some of their marketing tools which they can be able to use to maximize the kind of impact they make to the users of their content. The distribution company offers a maximum of two services given at no cost.

These services can be able to boost the members as you get to get more followers on Spotify, boost the views that you have on YouTube and also build an email list. These tools assist you as a member when marketing your music.

Analytics and Reporting

The Analytics and reporting system that is employed by Soundtrack is not very useful. The system is supposed to provide the artists with data that they can be able to use in drawing comparisons and knowing where to increase their effort in marketing of their music.

The data should aid the artists in understanding how far their distribution has gone. This knowledge helps them in making changes and decisions that are informed.

What to expect from Soundrop

Soundrop promises to build brand value and provide opportunities for labels and artists alike while at the same time, creating a platform that offers a fun experience for the consumer. Soundrop is one of the key players in the distribution and licensing of cover music.

Its reputation is solid as a distribution company that seeks to help and provide opportunities to talented individuals to pursue their music dream.

How to upload your music using Soundrop

A step by step guide

1. Log into your Soundrop account.

2. Scroll to Assets section and album category

  • Click on Actions button and then select create a new album. If you want to upload a single, you still have to create this album.
  • The page loads to a different section where you can upload your artwork depending on the type and size of files accepted.
  • Select your preferred language (mostly done for the audience to see)
  • In the Release type section, select the project length to be uploaded.
  • Select a title for the Title section, and if you are uploading a single, insert the single’s name here.
  • On the first part of artist select No unless you are uploading a compilation. In the second box, key in your artistic name.
  • Scroll to the info section and add the genre of your music, key in the name of the group name in the P copyright section then album or name of the group artwork designer on the C section.
  • Select No for the other choices under info. This option tells the site that you do not have a UPC yet prompting it to generate it for you. iTunes needs an ID that is associated with or related to your project.

3. Upload your tracks which should be in the .wav file type.

  • In the song title, write the title of the song you are uploading.
  • In the artist portion, write your name as the artist.
  • Confirm No for ISRC code and No for explicit lyrics

4. On the publishing page, click on any song indicated as covers. It will lead you to a place where you send the submission form for mechanical licensing.

5. Skip the ISWC line and select the original composition or song, original recording artist which are mandatory fields. The rest of the areas are optional.

  • Click next then check that all information is as required in the review page then go ahead and approve the submission.

6. Finally, pick a release date which should not be earlier than three weeks from the day of presentation. And you are done uploading your music.

Price and Plans

soundrop pricing

The exciting factor about Soundrop distribution is the fact that there is no joining fee. The company does not charge any additional distribution fees like other companies after making the $9.99 for the licencing. The plan allows you to distribute your music at no cost while using their platform.

On the other hand, Soundrop takes commissions from the total revenue generated for distribution. The commission of Soundtrack on your music is 15% which if compared to other companies then it is a bit higher.

The advantage or reason for letting them take this amount is that they do not charge you any distribution fees for your music. This plan makes it a win-win situation for both parties.

The distribution company serves you even better since they do not charge music owners any fees for taking down their music. The company also provides new additional stores without charging any amounts.

Pros of Soundrop

  • Soundrop provides a platform that is easy to use and navigate
  • The distribution company demands zero distribution fees
  • Members can get benefits from
  • There is a splitting of payments for the artists
  • Pre-order options are available on the Soundrop platform
  • There is the provision of mechanical licenses for the cover songs

Cons of Soundrop

  • There is a 15% commission on the revenue generated
  • Soundrop offers limited features in comparison to other platforms
  • The response time where support is concerned is not optimal
  • There are fewer distribution partners as compared to other platforms
  • The analytical reporting system is not effective
  • There is no publishing of the administration services
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Soundrop as a distribution platform makes it very easy for those who are working on a tight budget and those who are trying to avoid yearly and distribution fees. The music distribution company also serves small labels and cover song artists together with content creators.

Soundrop allows them to make revenue from the content that they distribute at meager costs as compared to other commercial places. It is one of the best distribution companies that one can choose.

With a little improvement in terms of the features and the partnership with more companies, it may emerge as the best distributor in the market.

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