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Symphonic Distribution Review: Worth Your Time or Not?


Symphonic Distribution is an online streaming service that will use its vast network to help an artist reach a bigger audience throughout the globe. Although there is no charge for the basic service there is an application process that you will have to pass.

Symphonic Distribution Helps control all aspects of your music career and there is help throughout every step if you need it. Let’s take a look at Symphonic Distribution and review what they offer and if they might be the right streaming service for you.

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What is Symphonic Distribution?

symphonic distribution

Symphonic is a distribution service that is online and allows you to distribute your music to some of the largest streaming services around. With ten years of service, Symphonic has partnered with over 200 streaming services to help an artist grow their fanbase. Those partners will come in handy when you are ready for releasing any music.

Symphonic helps bridge the gaps for musicians to establish themselves on their own terms and allows them to be played on multiple outlets that can help their notoriety. Symphonic also guarantees its user’s distribution of their music around the world.

Key Features of Symphonic Distribution

Some of the key features that Symphonic offers will help you take your music career to the next level. When you consider what you are getting from Symphonic, they might be the right choice for you.


Distribution is key to building your fan base.

  • Digital Distribution – Symphonic will help get your work to their hundreds of partners and reach as meant territories as possible throughout the globe.
  • Platform Access – This feature allows you to access your monthly revenue and streaming analytics that will help you understand the overall performance of your songs but where your fanbase is. This will help you plan strategies and releases for the best possible result.
  • Loading catalog assistance – If you have trouble in any way Symphonic is ready to help you load your catalog so you can focus on other things. This feature will ensure that everything is loaded correctly and save you time and a headache.
  • Playlist Pitching – Symphonic will help develop pitching of your playlist by an expert in house team so you can get the most out of your content.
  • Powerful tools – Powerful marketing tools and platforms such as mailers that will allow you to reach your audience with any news and updates that they need to know about.
  • Extensive database – This database will help you with any knowledge that you need in order to be successful in the distribution process.

These are the core distribution elements that Symphonic offers to help get your music playing and reaching as many people as they can. They strive to create tools that will help you developed every part of you brand so you can make the most of your account.

Additional Services

symphonic music video distribution

These services are additional to the core distribution that you will get with Symphonic but they do cost an additional fee for each service.

  • Video Monetization – Although this is free to sign up with when you have an account Symphonic does take a 30% commission on any money coming from videos. Their team will search and find where all you videos are being played and help you get the compensation you deserve.
  • Professional Licensing – With in house licensing you can cover songs from popular artists. These however to carry a one time fee of $14.99 a song but it will make sure that everything that you are doing is on the up and up.
  • Marketing/Branding – Symphonic is on your side with help in branding and creating logos. This is an additional fee but if you don’t know where to start this could be a good service for you. However, these are some of the more expensive services they offer. Logo Design is $320 and album cover designs being $195. So this can add up fast.
  • Privacy Protection – For a fee of $7.99 a month Symphonic promises that they will find and get all pirated music taken down on your behalf. They also guarantee this will happy within a 24 hour period. This can be an important service if your music is used a lot without your permission.

Although these are not all the features that Symphonic has to offer, these are some of the critical elements that you will want to have on your side. All these features will help you further your music aspirations.

What To Expect From Symphonic Distribution?

Symphonic guarantees that you will make money through their service. Symphonic also boasts about giving your music propper distribution throughout their partner’s music platforms. These are promises that may be hard to live up to, but Symphonic makes these claims because they feel they can get it done.

Considering the growth of Symphonic, I would have to conclude that they stick to their claims. When you look at their profile on the Better Business Bureau, they have an A+ rating with only one complaint in the last 12 years. This means that they care about their business and care about their consumers.

How To Upload Your Music Using Symphonic Distribution?

symphonic distribution artists

Symphonic distribution helps make releasing a song reasonably easy. When you are ready to release, these are the steps that you will have to follow so you can get your music ready to go.

Create Your Release

When you are ready to go, just click on the create release’ button after you log in. You will then be prompted to fill in your UPC or have one generated for you. If you don’t have one, then just hit the I need a UPC’ Button.

Your Release Details

You will have to fill out all the information in order to release your music. This is essential information that you need to make sure is right. If this is not filled out correctly, then you will be denied the release of your song or album.

Track Information

This is where you will fill in all your track information that you are releasing and where you will upload your music. It is crucial to make sure that you have the proper information and that it correlates with the release details.

Where You Are Going To Release It

You have the option to release your music where you want. If you have an exclusive place to stream, then this is where you want to make that known. You can also select your release date as well as previews and pre-order dates.

Submit For Final Review

By clicking submit,’ you will have another chance to review all the information and make sure it is correct. When you verify everything is good to go, then you can click submit one last time.

This is a quick overview of the process, but it is vital to have your song information ready to go. The process can take a long time if you are not prepared.

Price And Plans

symphonic pricing

Your initial set up is free if the Symphonic distribution team approves your application. After the approval, you will be given a lot of free features that can help your music career. The core features that they offer are.

  • No Sign-Up Fee For Distribution
  • Distribution Of Your Music With 15% Royalties
  • Free Public Page For Promotion
  • Release Updates
  • Release Takedowns
  • Additional Profiles Under One Account

Each of the premium features are on an as-needed basis, so depending on what you are looking for depends on how much additional that you will be spending. For example, if you are looking for an Instagram promo video that will run you $180. So prices will vary depending on what promotion and premium service that you are opting into.

Pros Of Symphonic Distribution

Symphonic has some great features that will help you ignite your music career. Here is a run-down of some of the pros of Symphonic has to offer.

  • They have a large infrastructure of partners.
  • They help you monetize your music.
  • No annual fees
  • They protect your privacy.
  • Establishing a fanbase
  • Promotional services

There is a lot of good that Symphonic has to offer, and these pros show that they are with you on your musical journey. These pros help show that Symphonic cares about their artist community.

Cons Of Symphonic Distribution

Although there is a lot of good that comes with Symphonic, there are some detractors that you should be aware of.

  • High royalties
  • Not everyone can distribute their music.
  • You only get paid once a month.

These are some cons for Symphonic, and the biggest drawback that you have is the application process. However, if your application is approved, then you are well on your way to being distributed adequately by Symphonic.

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Final Take

Although you might not have heard of Symphonic, they provide great features that will help you push your musical brand. Symphonic is opening up a world of possibilities and giving you access to their distribution channels.

Symphonic is definitely an online distribution company you want to check out.

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3 thoughts on “Symphonic Distribution Review: Worth Your Time or Not?”

  1. I have symphonic and they are horrible! They don’t help their artist at all. We’ve been doing all the legwork. The items they promoise to help you with, you have to apply to.

    They have a large network but they don’t typically use it. You are just another number. Stay away

    1. Are your numbers off, when you do the books? It’s getting harder to work through and making me consider something I don’t want to do. The label I run (owner) has been with them since 2018, I love what they do, but they are horrible book keepers.

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