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TuneCore Pricing: How Much Is TuneCore? (Free?)

According to reliable music industry statistics, by June 2021, the number of global digital music subscribers had spiked to 523.9 million.

This figure showed a massive increase of 26.4 percent, or 109.5 million, in just one year.

TuneCore, the outstanding leading online music distribution service, promotes innovation, collaboration and equity across its versatile platform at affordable rates.

Offering multiple flat yearly user fees plus a free membership, this unique service distributes members’ music to 150+ digital stores.

These online stores are accessible in 200 countries and territories worldwide.

What is the Cost of TuneCore Membership? (Is It Free?)

tunecore free PLAN

The TuneCore platform offers a versatile selection of membership levels and pricing. Is a free membership level included?

TuneCore Memberships

The TuneCore platform currently offers four different membership levels for users. The New Artist member level is free of charge, and the three other memberships are available at different yearly fees.

TuneCore Membership Levels for Novices and Pros

TuneCore currently offers four memberships to accommodate recording artists of all levels of experience and expertise. These member levels and fees are the following:

1. New Artist – Free.

I, like many other digital music subscribers, was pleased to discover that TuneCore provides this free membership for beginners. You can jump-start and fuel your career as a recording artist by joining the platform for free.

This membership offers an unlimited count of releases of your uploaded tracks to all social media platforms.

You can use the YouTube Official Artist Channel, and you are eligible for the TuneCore Rewards Master Classes. In addition, you will receive official sales reports for your music.

2. Rising Artist. $14.99 per year.

At this membership level, you can benefit from the basic distribution plan. This enables you to release an unlimited number of tracks to over 150 digital stores worldwide.

how much tunecore really cost

When you join TuneCore at this level, you receive all of the benefits that are offered with the New Artist membership and much more.

The Rising Artist membership also enables you to schedule your own release date for your music tracks.

This means that you can select the date on which your release will go live. At this level, you are entitled to an unlimited number of releases to all digital music stores.

You also receive 100 percent of your revenue from these online stores.

You can benefit from the Spotify Verified Artist Checkmark and Apple Music for Artists Verification.

In the near future, you will also receive artist revenue splits. This membership also assures you of a customer service response of 72 hours.

3. Breakout Artist. $29.99 per year.

At this level of membership, you can release an unlimited amount of music tracks while using innovative, advanced features. You can easily custom-enhance your music, adding unique touches to every new release.

With the Breakout Artist membership, you benefit from all of the features provided by the New Artist and Rising Artist levels.

You also gain use of the Store Automator feature, and you receive daily trend reports.

You can also optimize your original artwork or choose from a wide array of customizable album art selections. The helpful feature that enables you to do this is the Cover Art Creator.

With this membership, you can also enjoy access to attractive and engaging premium artwork. Customer service response time at this level is within 48 hours.

4. Professional. $49.99 per year.

This comprehensive membership is considered the premier choice for record labels and music industry professionals.

Of course, you are entitled to all of the features and benefits offered by the first three membership plans.

does tunecore have FREE VERSION

In addition, you can release unlimited amounts of music while using the latest tech-advanced products, features, and TuneCore platform services. You also benefit from access to exclusive partnerships, such as Tidal and Twitch.

You are offered promotional opportunities, and you gain access to the platform’s exclusive features, including Artist Portal, Brand Ambassador, and Store Awareness.

You can attend pro panels and expert advice sessions as well as small group workshops hosted by music industry experts.

You can choose a custom label name and release tracks under your unique independent label.

In addition, you can use your own UPC and release level country restrictions, which means that you can take control of which countries have access to your music releases.

Your recording location will be noted, and you can set up additional artist profiles at the affordable rate of just $14.99 per profile. Customer service response time is 24 hours.

Simple Steps to Making Money on TuneCore Without Extra Fees

With the following three simple steps, you can begin making money using the TuneCore platform without paying extra fees:

1. Upload Your Music Tracks

Start by uploading your music tracks, related art and design work, and your release information. This can be done quickly and with ease.

does tunecore have yearly fee

You can then select from 150+ digital stores and streaming services for releasing your music if you have a Rising Artist, Breakout Artist, or Professional membership.

Of course, included in the 150+ stores and streaming services are Apple Music, Amazon, and Spotify.

2. TuneCore Sends Your Music to Stores and Streaming Services

TuneCore then sends your release to the global digital stores and streaming services that you have selected without charging you additional fees.

This enables you to begin selling your music more quickly than you can when using any other available service.

Once your music is live on these sales and streaming outlets, your tracks can be playlisted and streamed.

3. You Receive Full Payment with No Extra Fees

Every time that your music is downloaded or streamed via Spotify, you receive payment. Your money will be deposited into your TuneCore account, and you will not be charged extra fees.

A very encouraging note is that TuneCore does not retain any percentage of your revenues from sales. You receive 100 percent of the revenue from every sale.

Pricing for Publishing Your Music with TuneCore

how much tunecore REGISTRATION

You can enjoy the exciting experience of publishing your music with TuneCore for the reasonable one-time setup fee of $75. This allows you to submit a limitless number of compositions for publication.

For each published work, TuneCore retains a 15 percent commission, and you receive 85 percent of the royalties.

If opted-in, the TuneCore sync commission is 20 percent, and you receive 80 percent of the revenues generated.

Every time that your music is streamed on Spotify or viewed as a video on Tik Tok, royalties are generated.

Whenever your creations are accessed on YouTube, these original works are producing publishing royalties for you.

Each time that your music is played on a radio broadcast or included in a live performance, revenues are accruing for you as royalties.

For your great benefit, TuneCore, in conjunction with Sentric’s Rights App Technology, holds direct memberships with global rights collection agencies. This enables you to receive payments sooner than was ever possible before.

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FAQs About TuneCore

Frequently asked questions concerning TuneCore as a worldwide music distributor include the following:

Q: Can I trust TuneCore completely with my music and my money?

A: The TuneCore essential philosophy is to never take advantage of a composer, songwriter, or recording artist.

This company, with its innovative online platform, is known as the largest and most trustworthy global distributor of music today.

TuneCore is now used by hundreds of thousands of music creators, and many have built highly successful careers with the support of this platform.

Any money that your music makes on TuneCore is yours to keep, and there are no hidden fees when you distribute your tracks via this platform.

Q: If I join TuneCore at the New Artist or Rising Artist level, will I be pressured to pay more and advance to a higher membership level?

A: No, as a TuneCore member, you will never be pressured to change your membership level. However, you are welcome to do so if you wish to gain more member benefits.

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