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What Is Distrokid’s HyperFollow and Should You Use It?


Did you know that 70 percent of independent artists earn less than $10,000 for their music each year?

In fact, many of those artists don’t come anywhere near reaching $10,000, and it isn’t because their music is horrible.

It’s because they don’t use the proper music distribution channels or the amazing resources available to market themselves and garner enough fans. DistroKid’s Hyperfollow is the solution to that problem.

It’s a tool that can blast an artist’s reputation to the next level. The service did wonders for me in the short time I used it, and I strongly recommend it to all upcoming artists.

You might want to try it if you want more people to know who you are and how addicting your music is.

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What Is DistroKid’s HyperFollow?

DistroKid’s HyperFollow is a service available to artists who use the DistroKid music distribution program.

It’s a “shoutout” promotional tool that provides users with links to their Spotify music collections and other libraries.

The service neatly lists all the libraries so that visitors can easily follow, listen to, and support their favorite musicians.

Who Needs DistroKid’s HyperFollow?

Anyone who desires to broaden their artistic horizons and connect with more fans can benefit from using the service. It’s for you if you’re looking to jump-start your popularity.

Using a promotional tool can easily boost your followers, listeners, and purchasers, catapulting your profits to surpass the numbers mentioned previously.

It can also give you more credibility as an artist. The more people follow you, the more others will want to follow you.

What Features Does DistroKid’s HyperFollow Have?


This promotional tool has endless features that can help you position yourself as a well-known artist. These are a few from the lengthy list:

One Never-Changing Link

Your HyperFollow link will remain the same for all of eternity, but it will automatically update when you release your music.

Thus, your link followers will always have access to the most recent Spotify collection and other streaming libraries.

There’s no need to drive yourself bonkers trying to update your marketing information because HyperFollow makes everything a breeze. It’s a huge help when it comes to keeping things organized.

Your fans will only be one click away from your Spotify, AppleMusic, iTunes, Google, Amazon, Tidal, Groove, Napster collections, and more.


Any person who clicks a certain button on your HyperFollow page becomes an instant Spotify follower. That feature alone can make getting new followers seem effortless, but there’s also more.

Those followers will receive links when you release new music so that they can share it with other people.

You’ll be surprised how quickly your followers will increase when people start sharing your material. There’s a high chance that your collection could become viral quickly.

Automatic Album Saves


Not only do the people who click your button become instant followers, but they also become prompted listeners.

The button click automatically saves your album to their library so that it’s right in front of them and ready to tickle their ears.

You won’t have to worry about your music getting lost in the mix because it will be on standby in their collections for them to listen to the moment it comes out.

Algorithm Boosts

The more followers and listeners you get using HyperFollow, the more algorithms will love you. Your music will attract the system quickly, and you might end up on “Release Radar.”

Release Radar is an algorithm-generated playlist that goes out to Spotify users based on their habits, activities, and preferences.

You could gain new followers from that if someone hears a song of yours and likes it. It takes traction to gain traction, and HyperFollow can help you get that.

Contact Information

The HyperFollow tool makes your fans’ email information available to you, which can help you immensely.

You’ll be able to share promotional information and release dates with them and interact to strengthen your relationships.


distrokid hyperfollow NOT WORKING

You’ll receive geographical information so that you can see where most of your fans are.

That data can help you determine where to schedule shows and performances. The more valid insight you have, the more you can maximize your success as an artist.

Easy-To-Find Link

You won’t have to go on a treasure hunt to locate your HyperFollow link. You can easily access it from your album page on DistroKid.

Another way to grab hold of it is to click on “Promote Yourself” from the menu. You’ll be on the path straight to getting some notoriety within minutes.

Ease-Of-Use For All

The HyperFollow tool isn’t just easy for you. It’s easy for your fans to use and share as well.

In these super-speedy times, people prefer to find the music they love quickly, and this tool makes that 100 percent possible.

Happy Stats

Are you a person who loves to look at your stats and needs to know how many people have visited your page every day?

The HyperFollow tool gives you access to real-time stats so that you’ll know how much of an impact you make on the world.

You will see how many people stopped by your page as well as how many followers you accumulated.


hyperfollow ALTERNATIVE

HyperFollow has an amazing pre-save feature that allows your followers to save your upcoming albums to their library.

This feature is most useful in situations where you haven’t yet released your album on Spotify. Your fans can log it into their libraries with the launch date information so that they won’t miss a beat.

Fave Information

HyperFollow gives you additional information about the people who became your fans. You’ll be able to see other music that interests your fans aside from yours.

That information can be helpful in deciding what direction to go in on your future projects. You’ll also get to see which artists to consider as your competition.

It can be an eye-opening experience and something that can help you succeed in your craft much more.

As you can see, HyperFollow’s features are endless. You’ll discover even more goodies once you start using them.

How Do You Get DistroKid’s HyperFollow?

Getting DistroKid’s HyperFollow is as easy as 1-2-3 once you’re signed up with the music distribution service. You’ll need to log into your DistroKid account and go to the settings.

Find where it says “HyperFollow” and get more followers on your Spotify music immediately.

Can You Get HyperFollow if You Don’t have DistroKid?

distrokid hyperfollow apple music

Unfortunately, DistroKid’s Hyperfollow is only available to DistroKid users. However, there are many great reasons to consider signing up for DistroKid to distribute your music.

The DistroKid service allows artists to keep all of their royalties. That’s right.

Artists get to keep every cent of the royalties they receive for their hard work and passion. The only expense is a one-time annual fee.

There are no commissions, cuts, hidden fees, or hassles. Music distribution couldn’t be any easier.

The service also distributes your music to 150 stores, and you can distribute as many songs as you like. Thus, it’s a real money-saver if you’re an artist who tends to release a lot of songs throughout the year.

Add on the fact that you get the HyperFollow service, and you can see the advantage clearly.

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